3 Unique Floral DIYs — Courtesy Of Two Petal Pros!

These days, it seems like every shopwindow and Pinterest page is flooded with beautiful springtime blooms, so we won't blame you if you’ve been bitten by the flora bug! Dreaming of whipping up some showstopping creations yourself?
To get in on the fun, we visited seasoned florists Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo, the gals behind the beloved local outpost, Studio Choo, and co-authors of the stunning tome, The Flower Recipe Book. This duo force of nature spilled secrets on how to assemble three gorgeous, unique arrangements. The results are impressive, and the DIYs are easily replicated at home. From a deconstructed flora setup to a succulent table runner, get those green thumbs ready!
Photographed by Maria del Rio
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DIY #1: A Deconstructed Arrangement
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3 stems of dogwood
1 peony
1 branch of eucalyptus
3 stems of foxglove
3 succulents
Pruners (for larger stems)
Floral snips or scissors (for delicate stems)
5 vases (hit up a your local flea market for a cool mix of vases for cheap)
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Step 1: Line up your stem next to the corresponding vase so the base of the flower starts at the rim. Remove any leaves that would sit under water and cut each stem at an angle (this last step exposes extra surface area so the plant can absorb more water). It’s best to cut the stem a little on the long side to start; you can always keep trimming until the foliage sits where you want it — right above the mouth of the vase.
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Step 2: Continue to line up the remaining florals and vases.

Florist tip: If the stem is exposed to air for more than a few seconds, re-snip it. It keeps the arrangement fresher for longer.
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Step 3: Once each stem has been arranged in its vase, it’s time to get creative! Place the succulents in front and play around with heights and textures until you’re happy with the composition. You can even leave one vase empty to keep the collection from looking too fussy.
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DIY #1 Final Look: Here’s a striking alternative to one big arrangement.
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DIY #2: A Succulent Table Topper
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For a 4’ garland:
5 to 8 succulents ranging in size and color
4 stems of ivy
4 stems of eucalyptus
Pruners (for larger stems)
Floral snips or scissors (for delicate stems)
Paddle wire (medium gauge)
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Step 1: Cut ivy into smaller pieces where the individual branches meet the stem. Repeat for the eucalyptus so you have two piles of cut leaves.
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Step 2: Join a piece of eucalyptus with a piece of ivy to create a mixed bundle, and then wrap wire around the stem of the bundle to secure.
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Step 3: Create another wire-wrapped mixed bundle. Place this second bundle on top to cover up the wire of the first. Wire the new, (bigger) bundle in place and continue the process of adding bundles and wiring them into place until you’ve reached your desired length.
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Step 4: Wiggle the succulent out of the pot and remove any dead leaves. Using your floral snips, cut the succulent where it meets the dirt.
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Step 5: Cut two pieces of wire to one foot each.
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Step 6: Poke the wire through the base of the succulent so it comes out the other side. Then poke the other piece of wire through the base to form an “x” shape.
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Step 7: Position the succulent on top of the garland where you want it to sit.
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Step 8: Gently flip the garland over and bend the wire of the succulent over itself to secure. Cut off the excess wire and tuck it under so as to not scratch your table.
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Step 9: Repeat until you’ve added all the succulents you want, clustering a few into groups of three.
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DIY #2 Final Look: Serious wow-factor for your next dinner gathering.
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DIY #3: An Elegant, Hand-Held Gift
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3 succulents
2 stems of ivy
3 stems of eucalyptus
3 stems of foxglove
2 yards wide ribbon
3 pieces of floral wire
Floral tape
3 kitchen skewers
Pruners (for larger stems)
Floral snips or scissors (for delicate stems)
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Step 1: Cut one succulent stem where it meets the dirt, removing any dead leaves.
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Step 2: Gently insert the skewer into the succulent. You’ll need to be careful not to poke it all the way through to the other side.
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Step 3: Now bend one piece of wire over your thumb so it’s creased in the middle. Poke wire through the base of the succulent so the bent part is inside.
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Step 4: Gather the ends of the wire and wrap them around the skewer.
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Step 5: Hold floral tape around the skewer at the base of the succulent. Wrap floral tape around the skewer, squeezing it down as you go.
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Step 6: Prep your flowers by stripping foliage off of the bottom six inches of the stem, and hold the ivy in your hands where the leaves stop. This allows the top of the bouquet to remain uneven.

Florist tip: Always build your arrangement starting with the bulkiest ingredient. It’s the structure that holds the bouquet in place.
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Step 7: Add the eucalyptus all around the ivy and nestle foxglove through the middle of the greenery, placing one in the front and one in the back. Then, lean the stems over to one side. Adjust the tops of the foxglove so they all face different directions. This gives your bouquet more movement.
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Step 8: After you add the succulents, wrap a foot and a half of floral tape around the base, right where you were holding the stems.
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Step 9: Using the floral snips, cut each stem at an angle so they’re all roughly the same length.
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Step 10: Wrap the ribbon around the stems to hide the floral tape, and tie into a knot. Finish it off with a bow.
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DIY #3 Final Look: Forget toting wine to your next soiree — here’s a super thoughtful alternative.
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Drumroll please! Thanks to the lovely ladies of Studio Choo, we have a whole new lease on plant-life!