10 Real-Life 'Dos That'll Make You Forget Your Own Bad Hair Days

UPDATE: Ready to finally settle on a summer hairstyle? We've got 10 inspiring 'dos to copy now, straight from local ladies. This story was originally published on April 24, 2013.
It's pretty common to stroll through D.C. and have someone's insanely gorgeous hair stop you dead in your tracks. In fact, we routinely do 180s to admire beautiful blowouts, bold natural tresses, and too-cute pixies. While we'd love to try them all, the next best thing is to do some major strand-stalking — so, we've snapped a bevy of enviable 'dos on D.C. ladies. Ahead, 10 gorgeous hairstyles you'll want to Pin, print, and show your stylist — guaranteed!
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Who she is: Roshni Catarina Fernandes
Why we love her 'do: An ultra-blond pixie gets us every time, but we also dig Fernandes' tough-girl, rock 'n' roll style.

Photographed by Kate Hoffman
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Who she is: Leyla Kravitz
Why we love her 'do: What's not to love about glossy, perfect curls combined with a killer wardrobe?

Photographed by Kate Hoffman
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Who she is: Carlitta Constant
Why we love her 'do: We've never wanted curly locks as badly as when we spotted Constant on the street. Seriously — how adorable is she?

Photographed by Kate Hoffman
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Who she is: Marina Morrison
Why we love her 'do: Who can resist an ever-so-subtle pink pixie? If we were a little more bold, we'd opt for this chop in a heartbeat.

Photographed by Kate Hoffman
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Who she is: Rebecca Kelmenson
Why we love her 'do: Healthy, effortless waves land firmly on our top 10 list of most coveted hair looks.

Photographed by Kate Hoffman
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Who she is: Sharnelle Clue
Why we love her 'do: Clue's combination of an edgy faux-hawk and navy-tinted bangs made us do a double take.

Photographed by Kate Hoffman
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Who she is: Liana Phillips
Why we love her 'do: Thought we'd forgotten about the topknot? Think again. Phillips makes us want to revive our sock bun and maybe cut some bangs, too.

Photographed by Kate Hoffman
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Who she is: Imani Pierre
Why we love her 'do: Mastering the headscarf is on our summer to-do list, simply because ladies like Pierre make it look so darn cool.

Photographed by Kate Hoffman
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Who she is: Jen Phillips
Why we love her 'do: We've been obsessed with strawberry-blonde locks since we were young — we blame Nancy Drew. Phillips' fiery tresses look perfect against her porcelain complexion and red pout.

Photographed by Kate Hoffman
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Who she is: Shelby Franklin
Why we love her 'do: In a perky updo, Franklin's natural tresses complement her face shape and bring out her gorgeous eyes.

Photographed by Maria Carey