1 Girl, 4 Looks: Ashley Turchin's Model-Turned-Shopowner Style

UPDATE: This story was originally published on April 22.
Aside from being one of the sweetest spirits in D.C.'s fashion pack, Ashley Turchin also has a knack for killer collabs. First, she peddled vintage finds with La Petite Marmoset; now, she's partnering with Carla Cabrera and Marshall Johnson of The President Wears Prada to launch ANTHOM, an e-commerce site launching tomorrow that specializes in under-the-radar designers and, of course, special collaborations. Now, for the best part: We got an early look at ANTHOM's wares, and we snapped Turchin in her own favorite pieces. Click through for all the eye candy you can handle!
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Tell us a bit about ANTHOM — what's the mission behind it?
"ANTHOM is an international online boutique that specializes in carrying under-the-radar brands and independent designers from around the globe. Each of our items is specially curated to reflect our love of fashion, art, and design."

Front Row for ANTHOM jacket, Low Classic skirt, Modern Vice for ANTHOM boots.
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J.Crew shirt and Saint Clair for ANTHOM necklace.
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How did your partnership with Carla and Marshall come about?
"I've been close friends with Carla and Marshall since I met them nearly two years ago. We've always chatted about our love of unique, talented designers and our shared sense of style. So, with the beginning flicker of thoughts of ANTHOM, I ran to Carla and Marshall, and we formulated the idea of creating an online store that carries amazing pieces from talented unknown designers, accessible to our customers worldwide."
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What has been your role in ANTHOM so far?
"We're building a business, so we've all been doing a lot of everything! Carla and I have spent most of our time scouting new designers, facilitating the buying process, and styling our photo shoots."
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Samantha Pleet dress, Modern Vice Jett boots, and Young Frankk cuff bracelet.
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What inspires you when you're looking for ANTHOM products and designers?
"I'm inspired by so many different things: A great story, super cool print, unusual hemline, or extravagant landscape. Inspiration comes in forms we can't always recognize, so I try to slow down and take a step back, to really find and understand the story behind a designer's collection."

We're still lusting after Turchin's incredible oxblood boots.
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Turchin shows off one of ANTHOM's lustworthy necklaces, a collaboration with local designer Cameron Archer of Saint Clair.
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Any pieces you've scooped for yourself out of the inventory?
"Oh my gosh, I'm literally obsessed with every single piece. If I could, I would have one of everything! They are all so special — from our exclusive blush pink Benni boot from Modern Vice, to our nude slim Chiyome bags, our exclusive Ten & Co oxfords, to our super cool Masha Reva + SNDCT sweatshirts."
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Ksenia Schnaider dress, Silence & Noise jacket, Chiyome bag, and 80%20 boots.
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Which pieces do you think will go over best?
"Anyone who wants something unique and special will find something they love at ANTHOM. Our Masha Reva sweatshirts are already wait-listed both in NYC and internationally."
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What about specifically for D.C. shoppers?
"I'm sure women in D.C. will love our exclusive necklace collection from local designer Saint Clair. We also carry many versatile pieces that will appeal to the D.C. working woman —they can be styled more conservatively for a job on the Hill, or combined with our edgier items for a weekend or a night out."
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Tell us a little about your own personal style — what's the signature Ashley look?
"I like to say it's classic with a wedge of edge."

Turchin has been modeling professionally since she was 15, and rounds out her already-busy schedule with informal and runway gigs.
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Masha Reva sweatshirt, Jovonnista jeans, ANTHOM sandals, thrifted jacket and bag, and BDG beanie.
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Any tips for managing stress, given how busy you are with a modeling career and a small-business lifestyle?
"Keep a very organized calendar and take it one day at a time!"
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Besides ANTHOM, what are some of your favorite places to shop?
"I love mixing pieces from all over. Some of my favorite sites are Need Supply Co., Opening Ceremony, and ASOS."
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What about local D.C. shops?
"Locally, I love to shop at Redeem, Hu's Wear, and Meeps."