Spring To Life In Lauren Moffatt's Adorably Retro Sundresses

We're in trouble, guys. Maybe it was that overzealous midwinter closet purge, but suddenly, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and we've got nothing to wear. Yep, it's time to replenish our spring wardrobes, stat — and there's no cuter way to do it than with these spring-perfect picks from Lauren Moffatt.
Full of fresh takes on the classic sundress, Lauren Moffatt's spring look is as adorably winsome and quirky as ever. From engineer-stripe denim overalls to swingy midi-dresses in '70s-style calico print, the 11 dresses ahead are sure to get you stoked for spring.
Throw one of these babies on, and you're ready for a picnic, a meandering bike ride, a lazy day making daisy chains — pretty much any Pinterest-perfect, retro-chic afternoon you can imagine. We. Love.