3 DIY 'Dos Perfect For Any Type Of Workout

You know that extra boost of confidence you get when sporting a new ensemble to the gym? Well, your hair should get the same attention. If a boring ponytail or messy bun describes your typical athletic 'do, then it's high time you save the repetition for your workout and pump up your tresses instead.
Hey, we understand squeezing in a sweat session before sunrise or after a hectic day at the office isn't easy — but whipping your hair up doesn't have to be hard either. To prove it, we tapped hair guru Stevie Smith, owner of the new salon Smith & Davis, to show us three easy DIY styles that will still look hot well after you've cooled down. So, whether you're a yoga/Pilates enthusiast, cardio queen, or strength-training addict, you can exercise your right to look gorgeous — even if you get a little sweaty in the process.
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If You're Going To: Stretch It Out In Yoga Or Pilates

It's no secret that Chicago is full of dedicated yogis and Pilates enthusiasts, so we have a feeling a lot of you will be giving this look a whirl. "This style is great because it rests right below the occipital bone," says Smith. "And by laying flat against your scalp, it won't ruin your posture or get in the way when you try those inverted handstands!"

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Start by prepping the hair with a leave-in conditioner, which is a crucial step if you plan on taking hot yoga, since your ends are prone to dryness anyway.
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Whether or not you have bangs, start by tightly twisting a one-inch section of hair right next to your hairline.
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Twist along the side of the scalp, gradually introducing more hair into the twist — similar to the process for a French braid.
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Secure with a bobby pin, but to really make sure it stays in place, Smith says, "don't open the pin. Instead, grab a little piece of the hair and wiggle the pin in — almost as though you were sewing it in."
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Continue the twist to the nape of the neck.
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Repeat the entire process on the other side of your head.
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Take the remaining hair in the back and divide into two pony tails. Each "tail" will include one of the twists.
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Twist each pony tail tightly until it starts to coil. Make sure you twist really tightly. "This holds the layers in," says Smith.
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Tuck the ends in and pin, using the same method for pinning as previously directed.
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And there you go! After class, you can remove this style and you'll have gorgeous waves. Just be sure to allow time for your hair to dry first.
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Alternatively, you won't look like a "hot mess" after hot yoga if you decide to keep it in.
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If You're Going To: Pump Some Iron During A Strength-Training Session

"This fun bun alternative is especially great if you're doing any machine work," says Smith. "Whether you're doing abs or bench presses, your hair won't be flopping around in your face, and you can lay totally flat."

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Start by prepping the hair with a styling cream.
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"You don't want your hair stiff or sticky," says Smith. "It's just for fly-aways."
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Make a high ponytail.
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Secure the pony with a colorful hair tie.
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Continue adding a different colored elastic hair tie (such as the ones available from Goody) down the tail every couple of inches. "This helps secure all of your layers," says Smith.
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Make sure your last tie isn't placed to far at the end of your pony tail so that it doesn't slip off.
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Coil the pony tail into a bun and tuck the ends under.
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Instead of a bobby pin, use a "spin pin" (from Goody, available at Walgreens) and screw into the bun to secure. "Unlike bobby pins, you only need one-to-two spin pins to hold the hair in place."
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Now, why would you sport a messy bun ever again?
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If You're Going To: Work Up A Cardio Sweat

"By distributing the weight of the hair, you can avoid a ponytail headache," says Smith. "Not only is this style more comfortable, it's better if you have layers."

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Start by prepping your hair with a saltwater spray. "This will give you soft, beachy waves when you let your hair down later," says Smith.
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Take a one-inch section of hair (with our without bangs) along the front of the hairline and make a braid.
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Clip the braid to secure and set aside. Take an entire side panel of hair and make another braid.
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Repeat on the other side with another side panel of hair.
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Make a pony tail in the back.
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At this point, you have the option to slip on a cute elastic head band, such as this option from Goody. Next, take the side braids you just created and start wrapping them around the base of the pony tail.
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Secure each wrapped braid with bobby pins until secure.
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Don't overthink this step. Just make sure the braids are wrapped tightly so that all the loose ends are secure. After you've wrapped both of the side braids, add the front braid as well.
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Braid the ponytail in the back.
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Coil the braid around in a bun fashion.
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Secure with bobby pins toward the middle of the scalp.
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Gorgeous! You'll be turning heads on the treadmill.
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See you at the gym!