Spring Detox: 7 Places To Score A Homegrown Juice Cleanse

Comfort food and fireside sippers sure seemed like a great idea when you were bundled up from head to toe. But now that the temps are warming up — and those layers are starting to come off — it's time to start thinking twice about what you're putting into your body — it is a temple, after all. So, we've rounded up seven juice bars offering cleanses guaranteed to help you shake those Chicago winter blues, and maybe, a few pounds, too!
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Earth’s Healing Café

One of the things that can be frustrating about cleanses (aside from the fact that you can’t eat) is the lack of variety — but that’s not the case at Earth’s Healing Café. Three completely different options grace the menu, fit for newbie and seasoned cleansers alike. And, if you know anything about what the average cleanse costs, you’ll see that these are some of the least expensive you can find.

First, there’s the general juice cleanse (from $37.50), a detoxification regimen consisting of five all-organic raw veggie, fruit, and herbal juices (think dandelion root, turmeric root, burdock root, apple, and carrot) per day. The concoctions are designed to get your major organs and systems working on all cylinders.

The smoothie cleanse (from $37.50) is perfect for those who have a hard time with the more herbaceous drinks in the general cleanse but still want to detox their bod! The program consists of five, super-yummy raw and organic juices like the #3: freshly made coconut milk, mango, blueberries, dates, almond butter, and vanilla.

If you’re a “been there, done that” juicer, challenge yourself with the 10-day liver/ blood/gallbladder D-Tox (50 all-organic and raw veggie and herbal sippers), which detoxifies, strengthens, nourishes, protects, and rejuvenates the liver and gallbladder, while purifying and nourishing your blood.

Earth’s Healing Café, 1942 West Montrose Avenue (between Wolcott and Winchester avenues); 773-728-0598.

Photo: Courtesy of Grace Willis
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Fourteen flavors (plus seasonal picks!) created by pro chefs and health gurus? We’ll drink to that — especially if we can pick our own pack of juices without restriction. Even better, JuiceRx touts itself for using a state-of-the-art hydraulic press that applies 5,000 pounds of pressure to its fresh, organic vegetables and fruits to extract its amazing cold-press juices. But, if you’re looking for a bit of direction, there are three-, five-, or six-day cleanses ($210 to $408) that entail six yummy juices designed to target all of your major organs — take that basic OJ!

JuiceRx, 571 North Edgewood Avenue; Wood Dale; 855-584-2379.

Photo: Courtesy of Grace Willis
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Karyns’ Raw

Um, have you ever seen Karyn Calabrese? She’s ridiculously healthy and gorgeous looking — which is no doubt a testament to her raw food diet. But, if you want to test the cleansing waters without making a big commitment to a pricy program, head over to Karyn’s Raw and experiment with some of the fresh-squeezed juices from the café menu. While we can promise you that you’ll feel healthier after drinking the green juice (celery, kale, spinach, cucumbers), we can’t guarantee you’ll have Calabrese’s glowing complexion after just one serving.

Karyn’s Raw, 1901 North Halsted Street (between Armitage Avenue and Wisconsin Street); 312-255-1590.

Photo: Courtesy of Cara Hunt
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Element Wellness

We love the idea of getting a cleanse from Element Wellness because it’s actually not a juice bar — it’s a full-blown alternative medicine clinic, so you know these elixirs are designed with optimal health and nutrition in mind. Programs range from $70 to $300 for a one- to five-day cleanse — created by a chef and nutritional counselor — using nutrient-rich ingredients like raw honey, hemp seeds, fresh fruits, root veggies, and more.

Element Wellness, 233 West North Avenue (between Wieland and Wells streets); 312-229-0031.

Photo: Courtesy of Element Wellness
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Another great place for someone who does not like restrictions, Raw will create made-to-order green juices and rejuvelac (a fermented bev packed with probiotics) in any quantity ($9 to $10.50 per bottle) to support a seasonal cleanse or detox program. There’s even a homemade komboucha option so, drink up — or forever hold your toxins.

Raw, 131 North Clinton Street (at Randolph Street); 312-831-2729.

Photo: Courtesy of Grace Willis
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Green Corner

If you've gone the Blueprint Cleanse route before, pass along a little local love and try one of Green Corner's house-made juice cleanses. While its detoxifying programs follow a similar philosophy, you also get the benefit of customization based on your individual dietary needs. Green Corner's cleanses consist of six bottles per day ($65), which includes mostly green juice with add-ins like carrots, beets, and ginger to mix it up, plus almond milk to add additional protein.

Green Corner, 1880 North Damen Avenue (between Moffat and Cortland streets); 773-292-4393.

Photo: Courtesy of Grace Willis
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A Choice For Life

Whether you choose level one, two, or three, these cleanses are hardcore. And, priced at just $65 for a five-day regimen, you’ll definitely get the bang for your buck. It’s suggested that you start with level one to start the initial purge, working your way up to a level three, where you’ll target the cleansing of the blood, intestines, kidney, urinary tract, liver, and gallbladder. But note that this is not a cold-pressed juice cleanse like several of the others. This plan comes with all the ingredients to make one gallon of herbal detox drink and 32 ounces of a multi-protein beverage. You have to provide your own juices, making sure that they are 100% pure. Don’t worry. You’ll get a full set of instructions to help guide you along.

A Choice For Life, 10650 South Western Avenue (between 106th and 107th streets), 773-239-7740.

Photo: Courtesy of Grace Willis