Detox & Retox: 6 Health-Inspired Cocktails

It's never too late to take a look back at those New Year's resolutions you created back in January — even if you were a little tipsy at a party when you made them. We're firm believers that even baby steps are better than doing nothing at all — like taking the stairs instead of the elevator and adding healthy fruits and veggies into our cocktails. We know, we know. That doesn't exactly earn us the blue ribbon of health, but you have to admit: The nutritional value far surpasses Red Bull or Diet Coke.
To be clear: We're not just talking about cracking open a can of V8 and making a lazy-girl Bloody Mary. To give you some antioxidant-infused inspiration, we've rounded up six luscious libations created by mixologists at top Chicago restaurants. The Carrot Ginger Reviver at North Pond is a natural (and tastier in our opinion) alternative to an energy drink, while Storefront Company's Sweet Anise is the perfect digestif after dinner. And, if you're a fan of a good beet salad, then you must try the gin-infused Matator at Mercat a la Planxa. Who needs a health spa? Just hit up one of these spots instead. Click through to pick your (healthier) poison.
Photo: Courtesy of Mercat a la Planxa
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Mixologist: Matthew Lipsky
Restaurant: Sumi Robata Bar
Cocktail: The Sad Flute, comprised of bourbon, ginger, yuzu, and grapefruit.

Photo: Courtesy of Sumi Robata Bar
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Bartender/Mixologist: Dustin Zimmerman
Restaurant: North Pond
Cocktail: The Carrot Gin Reviver, made with gin, fresh carrot juice, North Shore #6 gin, Lillet Blanc, fresh lime juice, and ginger syrup.

Photo: Courtesy of North Pond
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Beverage Director: Darren Pfruender
Restaurant: Inovasi
Cocktail: The Moulin Rouge, made with North Shore vodka, blueberry puree, pomegranate liqueur, and grapefruit.

Photo: Courtesy of Inovasi
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Restaurant: Mercat a la Planxa
Cocktail: The Matador, made with Hendrick’s gin, Averna, beets, lime, thyme, and gingerale.

Photo: Courtesy of Mercat a la Planxa
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Creator: Chef Moscatello
Restaurant: Storefront Company
Cocktail: The Sweet Anise, made with St. George absinthe verde, yellow chartreuse, fennel juice, fig, and orange bitters.

Photo: Courtesy of Storefront Company
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Bartender: Roger Bailey
Restaurant: Filini Bar and Restaurant
Cocktail: The Wacucumber, made with vodka, lemon, honey, watermelon, and cucumber juice.

Photo: Courtesy of Filini Bar and Restaurant