Oh, This Red-Carpet-Worthy, Black-Tie Look? It's From H&M

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    If we could list our wishes for what we wish red-carpet fashion was, it'd include much more daring shapes (non-dresses, perhaps?), more avant-garde detailing, and — probably most of all — a home right in our own closets. Luckily, we've actually found a collection of red-carpet-worthy looks that'd look right at home on the Diane Krugers and Zoe Saldanas of the world — but are made by H&M.

    Featuring kimono suits, strapless tops with flowing trains, bejeweled shell frocks with expensive-looking embellishments, these are dresses that'd make an impact at any movie premiere…so imagine how sick they'll look at your college roommate's wedding this spring. They're so awesomely constructed, daringly nonconformist, and uniquely special that it hurts our brains to think that it could possibly come from anything but an atelier, much less your mall.

    Bonus? They come from H&M's sustainable line, Conscious Exclusive, made with organic cotton, recycled polyester and polyamide, and TENCEL, a linen-like fabric. The pieces will be available in 140 stores around the world (and online for European shoppers) April 4.

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