17 Snaps Inside Stone Cold Fox's Boho Venice Home!

Whenever we thumb through the racks at Planet Blue, we feel a gravitational pull to one particular label's serious finery: Stone Cold Fox. The contemporary line embodies Cali cool, taking Valentino-level lace to the vintage-loving festival set — without completely breaking the bank, thankyouverymuch. And, as it turns out, the two designers are cut from the same cloth!
Dana Point natives Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand recently uprooted their home base to Venice Beach, and since the blonde bombshells are now certified L.A. locals, we were itching to hang with them. We spent a sunny afternoon snooping through their closets, snapping inspiration pics, and learning how the two childhood friends built their boho empire. So, take a trip down the fox hole, but be warned: You might feel a major SCF spree coming on for all that Coachella packing!
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Do you remember a childhood moment that solidified your life's path in fashion?
Cydney: "Probably when my grandma taught me how to sew. Knowing that skill let me alter vintage clothes in high school, and helped me make my own prom dresses."
Dallas: "My sister and I are 10 years apart, and she really influenced my love for fashion at a very young age. I was always dressing up in her clothes and putting on fashion shows. In middle school, Cydney and I made a catalog with the photos we would take of each other. We even designed our dream outfits for the first day of school."

You two have known each other since you were kids, but how'd you decide to start working together?
"We've been friends since we were six years old. Eventually, we both graduated from college the same year, and had to move back in with our parents. We started SCF for fun, and worked on it at night after our day jobs. That project became our careers."

Cydney sports a SCF White Robe with a cheeky Friend of Mine belt and Zara heels, while Dallas wears the SCF Lisbon Gown, a vintage jacket, and Topshop boots.
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Tell us how the line began, how you found funding, and then thrived in your lacy, boho business?
Dallas: "It truly began from Cyd’s senior fashion collection. We just added some more pieces, created a blog, and started selling the made-to-order items. We used to travel to clients' houses with our rack of clothing and fabric swatches to do fittings! Soon, word got around about SCF, Planet Blue hit us up, and put in the first store order. We cut, sewed, and pressed the entire order ourselves on Cyd’s parent's dining room table. After that, we moved into a 300-square-foot office in Laguna Beach and started a real website. About one year later, we moved our office into a big warehouse in Costa Mesa. Since then, we're selling in more stores, receiving more clients, and have our own online store. We never had investors — it's all been funded by the two of us. There have definitely been struggles, but we learned a lot along the way. And now, we're moving our office to a new space in DTLA!"

Close call! We're loving the attention to detail on this SCF robe.
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What's the secret to a great friendship-slash-business relationship?
"Let the little things go, and be a loyal and supportive friend. With us, we always put our friendship first. We know each other well, so we know how to work together in a successful way. When there is work to be done, we do it. And, when there is fun to be had, we're on it."

What's your funniest BFF moment?
Cydney: "Probably traveling through Australia and Bali together. We had such a great time seeing new things, getting into mischievous adventures, sightseeing, and dancing late at night. Dallas is really funny and has a contagious laugh, so there are almost too many moments to count."
Dallas: "Gosh, there are so many — but my favorite memories are when we were in high school together. We would get dressed up, go to public areas, and mess with people. We made fools of ourselves just to make each other laugh."

We're totally crushing on those Zara and Topshop kicks.
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How do you manage the stress of running your own business?
"We actually get a lot of mean emails, so it's fun to read them together. People don’t get how much hard work we put into this, and that there are only two of us. So, we laugh a lot at how entitled some people think they are. Our main problem is having too much on our plate, and sometimes we get a little bit crazed with stress."

What role do each of you take when designing the collections?
Dallas: "Cydney is the designer of each collection. She sketches the looks and does the pattern work. We both narrow down styles, pick fabrics, and collaborate on photo shoot ideas, mood boards, and ways of getting the theme out there. We love to play with our photo shoots in a way that will help tell a story for each piece in the collection."

We know where we're crashing the next time we're in Venice!
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You're very hands-on with the line, and we know it's probably a 24/7 process. But, what do you do to unwind?
Cydney: "I love drinking red wine, bike riding, trying new restaurants, playing with my Pug, snuggling with a boy, or jetting off for a weekend somewhere."
Dallas: "I love weekend getaways with my girlfriends, having dinner parties, drinking a lot of wine, and being in nature."

The coffee table fare is both eye-catching and colorful.
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You love vintage! What are your all-time fave finds?
Cydney: "I’m a sucker for vintage slip dresses, Spanish embroidery, or anything lace. I have quite the collection of lingerie and beautiful dresses. My favorite find is probably a lace peasant top I purchased from a vintage store in Miami. It's from the 1800s — I’m almost too scared to wear it!"
Dallas: "My all-time favorite find is a vintage Alaïa jumpsuit. I’m also obsessed with my embroidered Turkish tapestry and rugs. I have a lot of amazing turquoise pieces that are special to me, and I love my leather Harley-Davidson jacket. Oh, and my vintage Levi's."

Where in L.A. do you score the best blast-from-the-past pieces?
"Bohemian Exchange, flea markets, and Reformation."

Between the TV and books, we could waste many hours in this cozy corner.
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What people inspire you the most, from the past or the present?
Cydney: "I'm inspired by people in the film industry — so, the Coppola family, the Gainsbourgs, and Jean-Luc Godard."
Dallas: "I'm more inspired by the places I have traveled to and the people I have met along the way. I love the gypsy lifestyle, as well as Spanish culture."

Cydney, you've said you're moved by vintage lingerie. How did that come about? Ever think about designing your own unmentionables?
Cydney: "Yes, definitely! I’ve been into the vintage-lingerie look for as long as I can remember. I think there is something about the delicate feel and the sexiness of it; how fragile and special it feels. I want SCF to feel like that, but in a wearable way. Designing an intimates line is a definite in our future."

Sitting pretty: Cydney in a vintage dress, Alexander Wang blazer, and Topshop boots; Dallas in a Zara jacket, blouse, and heels, and SCF faux leather shorts.
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You've recently relocated to L.A. How do you feel O.C. and L.A. sensibilities differ? Why did you decide to make the move?
"We were living in Laguna Beach before we made the move to Venice Beach. We grew up there, and needed a change of pace, but still wanted the beach vibe. O.C. is wonderful — it's homey, the beaches are so beautiful, it's relaxing, and filled with family. But, O.C. has a lot of surf brands, and SCF is not quite categorized as such, so it was best that we made the move to L.A. We're young and active, and there's so much to do in L.A. — so, why not?"

You're in the midst of moving studios as well. Where will your new digs be, and why did you choose the spot?
"The new spot is in the DTLA Arts District. The studio has a beautiful structure to it: Hardwood floors and brick walls. Plus, the commute to DTLA is much quicker than to O.C. It’s also right by our production team and fabric printers, so it will be motivating to be surrounded by talented artists and designers. For where we are currently in our business, L.A. is the right place to be."

A four-top fit for some fashionable folks.
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What's the best part about living in Venice? What are your favorite haunts for eating, drinking, and shopping?
"You have the beach, of course, and the city is just a drive away. The architecture in Venice is so beautiful, and we find that everyone seems relatively happy. When we go out in our neighborhood, we love Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, Venice Beach Wines, Gjelina Take Away, Wabi Sabi, Sunny Spot, The Otheroom, and Feed Body & Soul. Oh, and we love shopping at Firefly!

All Stone Cold Fox pieces are made in California. Why is it important for you to stay local? 
"First and foremost, we want to support the local economy. Additionally, we like the quality and the control we have working close to our producers. We're really hands-on, even showing them how we want the items sewn. Also, if mistakes are made, we can have them fixed quickly. SCF started on the grounds of being a made-to-order company, and we still have a concrete goal of that. We only do small production runs of what people order, so we never have too much left over.

Dallas keeps it simple in the SCF Desire gown, while Cydney pairs her vintage 1920s slip dress with a Twenty8Twelve belt.
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You have amazing outdoor areas throughout the home — can you give us the scoop on a fab dinner party you've hosted?
"When we have a large group of friends over, we bring three long tables into our front courtyard and cover them in our Balinese tapestries. We always put lots of candles and white flowers along the table. We love to play fun Spanish music, drink wine, make tacos, and eat lots of homemade food. We have a great hammock out there and a fire pit, too. The nights usually end very late, with lots of wine and laughter."

Twins! The girls adorn matching belly dancer anklets.
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You've expanded into bridal. What sparked this venture — do you dream of your own weddings?
"It started with Cydney’s sister's wedding — we created her dress and the bridesmaids' dresses. Soon, word got out, and we've done quite a few custom wedding dresses since then. If we had more time, we would definitely come out with a bridal line. But, for now, it's fun to work close with the brides to achieve the custom look they want, which is typically a nontraditional aesthetic. We work with a lot of white and lace fabrics at SCF, so how could we not start making wedding dresses?! We will definitely make our own someday!"

Is it naptime yet? We would totally appreciate a few extra zzz's in that colossal and cozy bed.
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You also design home decor. What are some tips for decorating your own place?
"We do pillows, throws, robes, and dish towels because we want SCF to be a lifestyle brand. It can be a part of your life no matter what stage you're in — pregnant, married, or single! In our own home, we've collected special items from our travels or received pieces from our mothers (who are also extremely into home decor). Thankfully, we have similar tastes, so it’s easy to decorate our spaces."

Where do you go in L.A. when you're on the hunt for something to spruce up your pad?
"A good book store, the flea markets, Whole Foods for flowers, Firefly for candles, and Trader Joe's for food. Because really, there's nothing better than having lots of good food in the house."

Is it just us, or is it getting hot in here?
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How did you go about decorating your pad? Did you do it together, or delegate rooms? 
"It was a collaborative effort. When we got the house, we had a vision of how to decorate it. The structure of the house has so much character, even when it’s empty. We put our furniture, books, artifacts, and personal touches together and it all molded together beautifully. We decorated our rooms ourselves, and thankfully they look cohesive with the entire house."

Did you have a mantra when beginning the process? An overall vibe you wanted to exude?
"We both love the color white, books, and ethnic prints. We knew we wanted a lot of crystals, house plants, and art as well. We wanted it to feel homey and comfortable; a a place that makes you feel like you're on vacation when you're actually at home."

A rack of Missoni towels packs a punch in the all-white bathroom.
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Describe your own style in three words.
Cydney: "Eclectic, romantic, and timeless."
Dallas: "Classic, flirty, and beachy."

What is your go-to outfit?
Cydney: "A short vintage floral dress, or denim shorts and an over-sized sweater."
Dallas: "Vintage Levi's boyfriend jeans, a little Mexican top, and high heels or the SCF Love Jumper."

The eyes have it, and these blondes are beyond gorg!
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What’s your favorite piece for spring from any designer?
Cydney: "I would really like the furry Céline slippers!"
Dallas: "The lace-up dresses by Isabel Marant and the Céline lambskin knot turban."

On that note, who are your top designers of all-time?
Cydney: "Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, Missoni, and Helmut Lang."
Dallas: "Olivier Rousteing for Balmain, Isabel Marant, and recent Emilio Pucci."

Cydney hangs tough in Friend of Mine leather pants and AllSaints bracelets
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What would be your ideal situation in five years, professionally and personally?
Cydney: "Professionally, I would like to expand the lifestyle brand by branching out into accessories and home decor. We would also be developing the bridal line, and hopefully a lingerie line. I would love to just be secure, growing at our own pace, and maybe opening a store. Personally, I hope to be married or near it, and thinking about having kids or traveling around the world."
Dallas: "Professionally, I would hope that we have expanded, and are more secure and recognized worldwide. I hope to be in Barneys by that time, and in more stores domestically and internationally. I would like to expand more in our bridal and home lines, and have the intimates line. I would like to see our site grow into more of an online shop, and open amazing outposts in both California and New York. Personally, I hope to either be engaged or on the right path of being with my lifetime partner and buying an insane beach house. A girl can dream!"

Cydney's Jasper and Jeera clutch screams one thing: "Just bead it!"
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Can you give readers who would kill to be in your position some career advice?
"Work your ass off! And, make great relationships with everyone — you can learn so much from people in the industry. Ask a lot of questions, and intern as much as you can. Be friendly, be unique, and don’t just copy another label that’s already out there. Think of an original idea and be passionate about what you're doing, but have fun!"

The gals bid us farewell in some seriously stylish looks: Dallas in a SCF Holy Tube, vintage Levi's jeans, Alexander Wang shoes, and Elder Statesman beanie, while Cydney strikes a pose in a SCF Holy Tube, Friend of Mine leather pants, AllSaints bracelets, and Topshop boots.