30 Street-Style Snaps From Milan Fashion Week

If all the Fashion Weeks around the world were eccentric aunts, Milan Fashion Week would be the one who wears her rings to bed, has lipstick stains on her vintage furs, and owns 100 hats but only one pair of jeans.
Milan brings out the old luxury in people — the kind that values sharp tailoring, eye-catching colors, and dramatic combinations that favor timelessness and trendiness in equal measure. Not all of these subjects call Italy home, but — as they say — when in Rome Milan...
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Eleonora Carisi forgoes an umbrella in favor of a flat-brimmed fedora.
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We love model Candela Novembre's Pepto-pink bag.
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Model Angelica Ardasheva takes the more scenic route.
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How good is Vogue Nippon editor Amanda Jane's MSGM coat?
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Amanda Jane does her version of 50 shades.
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Style.com's Marina Larroude shoulders up in cobalt blue.
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Iggy Azalea goes for a pattern on pattern (on pattern!).
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Miroslava Duma matches her purse to her coat.
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Blogger Columbine Smille opts for a beanie.
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A '40s-style army cap gets glammed up with a veil.
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The Blonde Salad's Chiara Ferragni dresses up basic black.
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Elisa Nalin really commands in neon.
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Maria Kolosova does the one-strap pack.
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Ece Sükan stuns in leopard.
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Chiara Totire does the jacket-cape drape...
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...as does Valentina Siragusa.
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Check out Elisa Nalin's chain bag.
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Nicole Warne does pretty, polished simplicity.
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Tamu McPherson shows off her winter whites.
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Some masterful print and color mixing through the flakes.
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Aurora Sansone toes the line between sporty and sweet.
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Maria Kolosova battles the wall for best use of brick-red.
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Ksenia Romanova dashes through the snow.
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Oxana Ong does the military thing in her own way.
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Talk about a silhouette.
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Giulia B. channels the '80s without looking costume-y.
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Eleonora Carisi again, this time in shades of pink.
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A modern-day version of a flapper.
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Model Sui He stands out from the crowds.
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Caroline Issa looks adorable, as always.