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8 Amazing Products For Faking Beachy Waves

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    Don’t get us wrong: We love us some ocean-side R&R, but the best part of any tropical vacation is — hands down — the way our strands just seem to fall into beach-wave perfection after a single dip in the water.

    But, as anyone who’s tried to replicate the carefree look knows, it turns out those effortless, tousled beach waves aren’t so effortless after all. And, while we can’t send you off on your own tropical vacay (our sincerest apologies), we can show you how to capture the easy, relaxed style sans sunshine.

    Whether your mane is naturally curly or you’re dealing with pin-straight strands, we rounded up all the products you’ll need — from a mineral-rich sea salt spray to a texture paste that’ll give your tresses some serious grit — to replicate those straight-from-the-beach waves. So throw on your bathing suit, grab a daiquiri, and click through our picks for faking the breezy look — no sunscreen necessary.

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