Simone Rocha Takes Ladylike Dressing To A Whole New Level

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    Working in the fashion industry, one becomes used to fantastical and seemingly improbable points of inspiration. A Renaissance portrait? Of course. The surrealist sculptor H.R Giger? Absolutely.

    But, Simone Rocha, rather refreshingly, declared that it was her grandmothers, Margaret Gleeson and Cecilia Rocha, who inspired her current collection. The family connections didn’t end there though, as her brother Max was in charge of music and her parents were sitting front row.

    However, the looks that paraded down the runway weren’t a rehash of retro styles but rather, an invigorating blend of old-world styling meets new-world attitude. Pepto pink princess coats were made from neoprene. Black LBDs were fashioned from tinsel tweed. And cropped faux fur jackets were teamed with PVC minis. A collection that your granny might not relate to but one that is sure to impress the growing number of hard-core Rocha admirers the world over. Celebrity fans Alexa Chung and Chloe Moretz included.

    As Simone came to take her bow, her father, the design legend John Rocha appeared to blush with delight at the reception his daughter’s collection was having. And you know what? We’re pretty tickled pink for her too.

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