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Summer, Where Are You? Loeffler Randall's New Sandals Take Us There

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    The newest Heart LR collection from Loeffler Randall was inspired by Jessie Randall's childhood summers spent at Cape Cod, but don't expect a bunch of ducks embroidered onto Nantucket Red linens. The epitome of stylish, wear-anywhere, all-occasion sandals, Heart LR comes in a variety of bright, happy colors and include whimsical details that pack all the fun of summer into the perfect pair of sandals.

    With ankle buckles, no-pinch straps, and practical rises made more for doers rather than sitters, they're basically all we want in a summer sandal. Feminine and fun? Check. Comfortable yet cool? Done. And, a friendly price point? Yep, Heart LR knows how to play to all our sartorial weaknesses. Now, throw in an ice cream cone, a beachside campfire, and an extended out-of-the-office auto-reply email, and we'll be all set.

    Go ahead and click through 15 pairs you can get snatch-happy for right now at the LoefflerRandall website.

    Photo: Courtesy of Loeffler Randall

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