Faking It: Our Favorite False Lashes That’ll Fool 'Em All

Our usual day-to-night routine means switching into a pair of killer heels and swiping on a flirty lipstick, but sometimes, a punchy pout just isn’t enough. For those occasions that call for a little oomph (or, you know, just any ol’ Tuesday) when some extra fringe seems vital, we call on our saving grace: false eyelashes.
Whether you’re looking to cover up a bit of lash loss or enhance your peepers without piling on the mascara, falsies create depth and definition that even our tried-and-true lengthening formulas just can’t deliver.
But, because nobody wants to look like a walking caricature of themselves, we rounded up only the best natural-looking lashes — both individual and full sets — so you can fool your desk mates and your BFFs alike into thinking you’ve always been this doe-eyed. Now if only there were an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to apply ‘em (wink, wink).
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