Rock Out With 18 Of The Coolest Engagement Rings On The Block!

The Champagne is flowing, pink roses and cupcakes are flying off the shelves, and that horrible "He went to Jared" commercial is inescapable — all certified signs that Cupid and his arrow are close at hand. So, not sure about you, but we think that means it's high time to ogle some knockout gems. Whether you happen to be single, unofficially official, or ready to have your loved one get down on bended knee, we trust that you know a game-changing engagement ring when you see it.
That's why we've picked 18 unique sparklers to inspire all you lovebirds (and jewelry lovers!) out there. Of course, we know that rock size and high price tags don't necessarily equal beauty or marital bliss, so we've rounded up stunning bands for every budget and style. Dainty and delicate, vintage-y glam, and modern eco-friendly options are among the spoils, so no one has an excuse not to start perusing these dreamy rings, stat.
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Erstwhile Jewelry Co. Antique Victorian Diamond Engagement Ring, $5,000, available at Erstwhile Jewelry Co.
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1st Dibs Edwardian Three Diamond Ring, $28,000, available at 1st Dibs.
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Erica Weiner Art Deco Diamond Checkerboard Ring, $1,650, available at Erica Weiner.
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Jessica Winzelberg Square Ring, $95, available at Jessica Winzelberg.
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Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Claw Ring with Druzy Agate, $120, available at Lauren Wolf.
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Alex and Chloe 14k Yellow Gold Triple Inverted Black Diamond Kate Ring, $800, available at Alex and Chloe.
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Blanca Monrós Gómez 14 Black Diamond Flat Band, $710, available at Catbird.
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Kristin Coffin Diamond Twig Engagement Ring, $1,100, available at Etsy.
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Anna Sheffield Rose Gold Tiny Crescent Band, $855, available at Gallery of Jewels.
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Ila & I Baguette Eternity Band, $3,000, available at Catbird.
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Erie Basin Green Paste and Rose Cut Diamond Ring, $495, available at Erie Basin.
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Malcolm Betts Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring, $4,350, available at Barneys.
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Eva Fehren Diamond Nina Ring, $13,650, available at Barneys.
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Max and Chloe Diamond 3 Tension Set Floral Cluster Ring, $1,425, available at Max and Chloe.
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Melissa Joy Manning Raw Diamond Nugget Ring, $2,115, available at Melissa Joy Manning.
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Zoe Milky White Diamond Oval Ring, $5,780, available at Barneys.
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Zoë Chicco Pave Infinity Ring, $1,782, available at Zoë Chicco.
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Swallow Tiny Diamond Ring, $240, available at Rare Device.