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Ostwald Helgason Awesomely Connects Baudelaire With Carnivorous Plants

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    Even if you don't know the brand Ostwald Helgason by name, you know it by its fall '12 collection, which sprouted up so often in street-style slideshows last season, it rivaled some of the greats — Balenciaga, Céline, Prada — in impact. With its first stateside presentation, the London-based duo had an opportunity to show its biggest fans (its showgoers) what they'll want to wear later this year.

    For fall '13, the team started with two esoteric inspirations — French poets and Little Shop of Horrors — and brilliantly melded them into some of the current season's biggest trends — floral wallpaper prints, structured buttoned-up collars, and brocade evening suits that'll get you street-styled, no sweat. The geometric colorblocking, sculptural silhouettes, and slick, opulent detailing that we fell in love with in seasons past still rode strong in this collection, but for those real nerds who get how awesome Baudelaire-meets-Audrey II really is, we wouldn't be surprised if Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason become as revered as Phoebe Philo.

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