Sparkle On Your Spring Vacay With These 12 Badass Swimsuits!

Whether you're off to Cabo for some spring break body Jell-O shots or to Tulum for a spiritual retreat, a warm-weather escape is long overdue, folks! And, you know what resort season means — that you're automatically in the market for some fresh swimwear to outshine your fellow sun worshippers. (Admit it, sometimes nothing feels better than a jealous scowl from an onlooker — or better yet, an actual compliment!)
And we've got you covered. From a borderline scandalous H&M bikini to a plunging ASOS maillot, these 12 amazing options are perfectly suited for every body type, style, and budget. So, take a dive into these sea-worthy wares, and happy trails! Oh, and if you feel like ousting them for a moonlit skinny-dip, that's 100% fine by us! Just hide them away in a safe place.