Robert Clergerie's 11 Most Charming Chaussures

Robert Clergerie is a pretty divisive designer: On one side, there are Clergerie's cult fans, who think he's the most genius thing to come out of France since baguettes. In the opposite camp, those who wouldn't be caught dead in chunky, cutout heels or mannish oxfords. In our opinion, any designer so dedicated to the twin pillars of weirdness and comfort is an ace in our book...but your mileage may vary.
Those of you who side with us will be happy to see that Clergerie is up to his usual, oddball antics. With sculptural heels, snakeskin-stamped sandals, and glossy silver leather galore, the only thing stopping us from scooping every pair here are those très cher price tags.
Click on for our 11 faves...for you doubters out there, these may just convince you to finally join the Clergerie club.

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