Rachel Comey Re-Imagines Punks In Sensible Shoes & V-Neck Sweaters

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    For punks, more than anyone, getting old is a terrifying prospect. For a subculture that's built around youth, subversiveness, and anarchy, it's hard to marry the notions of needing a real income and sticking it to the man. Even Henry Rollins does spoken word poetry now. So, what's an aging punk to do when she no longer fits into her leather skinnies? She buys a sensible V-neck sweater from Rachel Comey…in leather, of course.

    With loafers, turtlenecks, pleated pants, and mid-calf skirts (think Princess Diana in the English countryside), Rachel Comey's punk seems to have found comfort in loose silhouettes and traditional design elements. But look closely, and you'll see she hasn't forgotten her roots; with BDSM hardware replacing traditional horsebits on the shoes, supple leather standing in for shiny tweeds and wool, and models sporting from-a-box, black, pixie cuts, the collection still had a prominent middle finger to wave around. And with 67-year-old Debbie Harry in the audience, we're sure the sentiment was much appreciated.

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