3 DIY Curly Hairstyles Great For All Types Of Ringlets

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on January 21.]
Fess up, curly girls: When you say you want to try something different with your hair, how often do you end up just straightening it? Hey, we don't blame you! With almost no updo inspiration catering to naturally wavy textures, finding modern, coil-friendly styles that steer clear of bridal territory isn't always easy.
Well, it's time to shake things up while letting those ringlets do their thing. To make it happen, we tapped curly hair savant Deb Czerwinski of Saviours Salon to show us three fresh, cutting-edge 'dos that will have you looking amazing in an instant. Whether your style is sexy, super romantic, or a little edgy, we have a look to satisfy every spiral-locked lady. So, read on, dust off those hairpins, and let's get kinky.
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Look 1: Inside-Out French Twist, Plus Pompadour — Ready for an edgy update to the classic French twist? Here we go!
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Step 1: Apply a little bit of mousse to define curls.
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Step 2: Use a chopstick to part hair on both sides at the temples.
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Step 3: Leaving out a section of hair at the front of your head, take the rest of the hair that you parted at the top of your head, and gather it at the crown.
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Step 4: Twist the hair, lower it down over the forehead, tuck in the ends, and push it back to create a pompadour. Secure with hairpins.
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Step 5: Now grab the section of hair you left out in front, roll back, and pin loosely with hairpin.
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Step 6: Grab a section of hair in the back of the head, below the pompadour.
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Step 7: Roll the hair, tuck the ends, and secure with hairpins to create a French twist. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect — you’ll be covering it up with curls in a moment.
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Step 8: Take the loose hair on the sides of the head and use hairpins to secure it, bit by bit, along the right and left sides of the twist. Leave the ends loose to create a fauxhawk affect.
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Step 9: Take the remaining hair at the bottom and give it a twist.
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Step 10: Secure with hairpins beneath the French twist.
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Step 11: Spritz with hair spray, then with shine spray.
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A wild, sexy spin on the polished updo!
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Look 2: Knotty-But-Nice Coils — Want to add some funk to tried-and-true buns? Here’s how!
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Note: This quirky-cool style is ideal for looser curls.
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Supplies: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray, $17.25, available at Amazon; Paul Mitchell Fast Form Cream Gel, $18.99, available at Amazon; Paul Mitchell Hold Me Tight Spray, $16.99, available at Target.
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Step 1: Spritz hair with texturizing spray, then add a dab of anti-frizz cream. Separate hair into six sections and clip: One diamond-shaped section in the middle and sections at the bottom, bottom left, top left, bottom right, and top right.
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Step 2: Take the bottom section, wrap hair around finger, and twist to form a figure-eight.
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Step 3: Use hairpins to secure into a tiny knot.
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Step 4: Repeat the twist on all the remaining sections except for the top left and top right, for a total of four knots. Keep them organic — you don’t need to make each knot the same size!
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Step 5: Split the clipped top left section into two parts, leaving a bit of fringe loose around the face.
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Step 6: You know the drill! Repeat the twists on these two sections and secure with hairpins.
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Step 7: Loosely pull back face-framing fringe with bobby pins.
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Step 8: Now repeat on the top right section: Split into two, knot, secure, and pull back fringe with bobby pins.
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Polished from the front and party in the back with tons of texture!
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Look 3: Tousled Ponytail With Headband Braid — A super-romantic style that (literally) amps up the volume on your side pony.
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We modeled this ‘do on a head of super-tight coils, but it works well for all curly girls!
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Supplies: Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops, $8.99, available on Amazon; Paul Mitchell Foaming Pommade, $21.40, available on Amazon; Blax Snag-Free Hair Elastics, $6.68, available at Amazon.
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Step 1: Prep hair by smoothing a few drops of serum and a small dab of pomade throughout. On the right side of the head, starting behind the ear, go up and around the head, toward the crown, all the way to your left ear, and gather the hair in front in a headband-like motion. Section off this area. Then, starting at the left ear, take the remaining hair and begin to part diagonally across the back of the head, as shown. Combine the front section with the hair below the diagonal part in back.
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Step 2: Let the front section loose. Then, grab the hair on the right side of that section and secure it with a chopstick to get it out of the way. Begin French braiding the bottom section that sits below the diagonal part.
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Step 3: French braid the hair at the nape of the neck and around the head, forming a braided headband.

Advanced Tip: For added depth, inside-out French braid the hair instead.
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Step 4: When you get to the ear, stop French braiding and braid the rest of the hair normally. Secure with elastic and pull braid apart a bit to loosen.
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Step 5: Wrap the end of the braid back around the head.
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Step 6: Secure with hairpins.
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Step 7: Gather loose hair to one side, twist a few pieces across the back of the head, and secure on the side with hairpins.
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Low-key and lovely, the perfect day-to-night look!