My Style: Peep Lauren Moffatt's Colorful-Cool UES Abode

UPDATE: We're digging this light soaked apartment for summer and Lauren Moffatt's easy breezy style. This story was originally published on January 18, 2013.
Wearing Lauren Moffatt's quirky and adorable collection is like stepping into a Wes Anderson movie — in the best possible way. Moffatt's pieces are timeless and romantic, feminine and impactful. They're flattering but not "showy," and subtle yet memorable… you get the point. And clearly, when a designing mom's got creative chops like these, we start to daydream about what her home might look like, too.
Well, we got right to work with some investigative digging (a.k.a invited ourselves over for tea) to bring you a series of inspiring interior-design shots that are every bit as sweet (but not sugary) as this new CFDA member's line. Think: a nursery that grown-ups would love, too, an ultra-comfortable dining room, and awesome artwork we want to hang chez nous. Yes, this gal is definitely the fashionable queen of Moonrise Kingdom.
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Describe your latest collection in five words or less.
"Public Pools and Country Clubs."

Love Silk top, Highway 61 skirt, Isabel Marant boots.
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How has your design aesthetic developed over time?
"It's ever-evolving, but is always clean, deliberate, and balanced."
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Your home design aesthetic and your personal style seem very much in line — how do you translate one to the other?
"I have a really consistent aesthetic, so the look and feel of my home and personal style really blurs. I tend to create a focal point with color and shape, and balance my quietness around it, so your eye knows where to go."
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What is one thing you are always restocking at home?
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We love your sweet yet cheeky Fashion Week presentations (the school was awesome!) — tell us a little about this process.
"Each collection always has a specific feel. The presentation allows us to be really literal about what that may be and to bring it to life."
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Where are you currently looking for inspiration?
"Luckily I live in NYC, so I don’t have to seek inspiration, it’s everywhere. I’d find it so stressful if I had to actively look for the catalyst that would shape each new collection."
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Great Gatsby dress, Isabel Marant booties, vintage jewelry.
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What are your favorite restaurants in NYC?
"It's so hard to choose favorites! I guess Caracas, Luke's (for the best burger), and street fair sausage and onion heros."
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What about stores?
"Since I never know what I’m looking for until I find it, the stores I’m drawn to are those where you don’t know what you’ll find. I love Olde Good Things in Chelsea — The last time I was there I found an amazing marble bust of a woman and a vintage pair of NYPD brass door knobs."
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What is the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
"Don’t gild the lilies."
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Are there any favorite beauty products you can't live without?
"Weleda Skin Food."
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Who are your other favorite contemporary designers?
"I love Tabitha Simmons' shoes and Karen Walker's sunglasses."
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Lauren Moffatt top, vintage skirt, Lauren Moffatt boots, Growing jewelry.
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How does living/working in NYC change what you design?
"Without consciously thinking about it, living and working in NYC has impacted my designs through osmosis. Being visually bombarded provides so much inspiration every time I walk outside."
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What are your favorite pieces in your home?
"My husband and I found an Edward Wormley bureau from Housing Works for $150. We pushed it home, balanced it on a stroller, and it serves as a shelf for my photo albums. It’s one of my favorite vignettes. The Eames lounge chair in my TV room is, to date, my luckiest trash find! I found it upside-down in the trash a block from my apartment!"
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What is your go-to home design store in NYC?
"The Salvation Army."
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Congrats on becoming a new mom! What are a few lessons you've learned in early motherhood?
"I try to work more efficiently now, because if it’s not time I’m with the kids, it should at least be productive time..."
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Lauren Moffatt top, J Brand jeans, Lauren Moffatt boots, vintage necklace.
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Your interior design sense seems very less is more. Do you have any tips for staying clean and organized?
"I hate clutter. I save and display only the things I love to look at. That said, it's the clean and organized part I’m not so sure about. Don’t open my closets!"
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What can we look forward to from your next collection?