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Put Some Prep In Your Step With These Sensible Oxfords

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    After the whirlwind of get-togethers, cocktail parties, and full-blown soirées — all of which somehow required a brand-new pair of sparkly, four-inch pumps — we couldn’t be happier to say good-bye to holiday-shindig season. Unfortunately, our blistered feet haven’t bounced back as quickly as we’d hoped.

    And, even though we’re on a flats-only regimen for the next two months, that doesn’t mean we’re resorting to slippers (or worse, Uggs) for the comfort our toes crave. Instead, we’re taking a hint from the boys and stocking up on ultra-sensible brogues to carry us through to spring. So, from a literal iteration of the classic masculine shoe to a fun, floral option, we rounded up 10 pairs of oxfords that you’ll be happy to swap in for those sky-high heels. Our picks, right this way!

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