Unconventional Brides, Rejoice: Anna Sheffield Releases First Bridal Campaign

To wear one accessory for life is a big commitment (although not quite as big as the commitment it comes along with). Luckily, NYC-based jewelry designer Anna Sheffield is always there to help a girl out with her lovely creations, which are as unique as the person they're adorning. And with the launch of her first bridal campaign, the fantasy gets even more real.
The darkly gorgeous shots feature Sheffield's bridal collection set aside slinky lingerie and a few hipster wedding bridal touches. (Antlers and feather headpieces? We see you.) But still, it's the diamonds, as expected, that shine through. The stunning Hazeline Bridal Set combines rose and white gold and is resplendent with both black and white pave diamonds. Anna's newest design, the Astarte Ring, will blow your mind. The diamonds are custom heated to create that glassy obsidian black, and the result is a three-stone looker that's classic with a bit of edge.
With her debut campaign proving to be just as breathtaking as the jewelry that Sheffield creates, we wouldn't mind seeing ourselves decked out in these beauties…'til death do us part.
Photo: Courtesy of Anna Sheffield