20 Beyond-Lovely Lace Dresses For Now And Forever

Some things never go out of style, and a classic lace dress is right up there with red lipstick. Our fondness for lace is truly limitless, and the "lace is more" mantra rings especially true in those gah!-10-minutes-to-get-ready moments. Whether it's crafted from chantilly or eyelet lace (or everything in between!), the delicately feminine style is always utterly sophisticated and a tried-and-true staple.
Sure, lace is the go-to matrimonial attire, but there's no denying that a peekaboo lace dress packs a sweet-yet-sultry punch. It's a statement-maker that can easily be flaunted on for full-on ladylike charm, or be toughened up with a leather jacket for a surprisingly edgy look. From prim and proper to modern and sexy, we've rounded up our favorite lace dresses in an array of colors and cuts (long and short!) that will be in heavy wardrobe rotation now — and much later.