Heads Up! Our Guide To The Bay's Coolest Barber Shops

While it’s totally kosher to trot along in this city with a disheveled mane and bushy beard, there comes a time where fellas need to come clean (ahem, job interviews, holiday dinners).
So, for all you unkempt fellas out there looking for a buzz (no, not this kind!), we’ve rounded up the best dude destinations to get you out of that hairy situation. Review the list after the jump, don that barber’s cape, and ensure you’re never confused for Cousin It again.
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F.S.C. Barber
If you’re a regular reader of R29, then you’re already aware that F.S.C. Barber serves up fresh brews of Four Barrel coffee to its clientele on select days. It also pampers your dehydrated skin with a Hangover Treatment for after boozy nights on the town. Stop in for a service at the Mission locale and if you like the way the products smell, scoop up F.S.C’s signature camping candle (that comes in a rustic wooden box!) to get a whiff of the scent between appointments.
Where: F.S.C. Barber, 696 Valencia Street (at 18th Street); 415-621-9000.

Photo: Via Facebook/ F.S.C. Barber
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People’s Barber Shop
People’s Barber Shop is like a manly man’s spa sans the frills. Gents can sit down in a traditional yet sleek barber’s throne for a range of grooming services, ranging from a straight-razor shave and cut to a hot-towel facial and a no-holds-back head shave. To get a fresh and clean mug, expect to dish out anywhere between 15 to 70 big ones. Trust that these shear geniuses will spruce you up in a jiffy.
Where: People’s Barber Shop, 1259 Polk Street (at Bush Street); 415-292-4099.

Photo: Via People's Barber Shop
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Temescal Alley Barbershop
Oakland fellas, we have you covered, too! The Temescal Alley Barbershop is as classic as they come with price points that won’t cut you too deep, either. Whether you’re looking to go from metal head to snazzy dude or just want to trim what you’ve got going on, head to this almost-hidden shop and start dusting those locks on the floor. This shop is specially made for all the commitment-phobes out there, since it’s strictly walk-ins only.
Where: Temescal Alley Barbershop, 470B 49th Street (at Clarke Street); 510-761-5074.

Photographed by Shilpi Tomar
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Public Barber Salon
Unlike the other shops we've mentioned, Public Barber Salon is the only groomer destination that snips at both men’s and women’s tresses. It also goes beyond razors by offering coloring options. And for you shaggy dudes who like to keep your manes south of the ears, Public hooks it up with long haircuts, too. Head bangers, rejoice!
Where: Public Barber Salon, 1528 Grant Avenue (between Filbert and Union streets); 415-362-0040.

Photographed by Anna-Alexia Basile