12 Of The Weirdest, WTF Things For Sale On Chicago Craigslist

We don't know about you, but Cyber Monday is the way to go. No crowds, sales abound — and you don't even have to get out of your PJs. Even so, the virtual shopping mall can get overwhelming, to say the least. When you're in need of a little mental release from frantically entering your credit card # on repeat, we've got just the thing for your viewing pleasure: 12 of the weirdest things we could find for sale on Craigslist Chicago — we're not kidding. (And don't even get us started on the Craigslist Hole we fell into, doing research…talk about a weirdly entertaining time-suck.)
Sure, we love showing our readers inspirational must-haves — but we know you need a good chuckle from time to time, too. After all, where else are you gonna find an adult Honey Boo Boo costume or vintage bed pans? You never know, you just might spot that one-of-a-kind gift for the equally, um, unique person in your life. But just so you know, we're preemptively taking ourselves off that list.
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Vintage Bedpans
Move over Jayson Home! The seller of these fine antiques suggests you use these vintage, um, relief receptacles as planters for your garden. What would the neighbors think? Click here to read the entire post.
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Cemetery Lots
Thinking about the end of your amaze life is depressing enough, let alone planning for it on Craigslist. But look on the bright side — there's a great view. Click here to read the entire post.
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Hostess Cupcakes
At this price, can't you just go the grocery store and buy these things? Wait! Hostess is going out biz, so maybe not. And heck — the boxes do come unopened...Click here to read the entire post.
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Feet Salt & Pepper Shakers
We'd pay to see the look on your grandma's face when she asks for the salt. At least these babies are manicured — and in holiday red no less. Click here to read the entire post.
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Small and cheap? Hundreds of them? Darn! We should have never gotten rid of that aquarium from the fifth grade. Click here to read the entire post.
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Tattoo Guns
Picture this: Everyone has a few festive libations and then...nah! Could be a good gift if you know someone that works at the Jade Dragon, however. Click here to read the entire post.
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Honey Boo Boo Costume
Call off the dogs! Your 2013 Halloween costume is here! Though we secretly wish Honey Boo Boo would be a grown-up lawyer already. Click here to read the entire post.
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Laurel And Hardy Wall Décor
For just $150, you can have the attention of these two lookers all day and all night. Hope you like a guy with a sense of humor. Click here to read the entire post.
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Log Sled Puller
Who needs a sled for the slopes when you can have this (rusty) one for your logs? 'Tis the season, folks. Click here to read the entire post.
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Obama Original Oil Painting
There's never — and we mean never — been a better time to score this lovely piece of artwork. Though we can't say we've ever seen the prez in an emerald green suit...Click here to read the entire post.
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Pretty Panties
A female college student who doesn't need her panties anymore...interesting. Just remember — you better be SERIOUS if you want to get your hands on these lacy underthings. Click here to read the entire post.
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Fitz And Floyd Raccoon Tea Set
Nothing is more comforting on a crisp Chicago afternoon than a spot of tea in a raccoon cup — you know, the same culprit that's ripped into your garbage on more than one occasion. Our favorite part? The tail handles. Click here to read the entire post.