29 Reasons We’re Thankful To Live In The Bay Right Now!

Every so often (read: every day) we take a sweeping glance around the city and have to fight the urge to pinch ourselves. Sometimes, living in a spot as postcard perfect as S.F. feels like a total dream. The local ethos, the bustling culinary scene, all that innovation, and the abundance of kind-hearted peeps all add to what makes the City by the Bay extra special. We definitely catch Tony Bennett's drift — and our heart is firmly planted in this seaside town.
So, we thought it only appropriate, in the spirit of this week's holiday, to give thanks for one of our all-time favorite cities. Need a reason why S.F. is the best in the West (and way beyond)? We've got 29 of 'em. From the artisanal ice cream to, yes, even good ol' Karl the Fog, find out why we're completely smitten — and thankful — to call this place home.
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Upgraded Comfort Food
Guys, we have a restaurant (and another on the way) entirely devoted to the art of the grilled-cheese sandwich. Plus, some of the best mac and cheese, inventive bread puddings, and other carb-y delights around town. Thankfully, the hills help keep our guts in check.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Dolores Park
Take one look at the view from the top of Dolores Park — day or night — and try not to snap an Instagram. It's one of the most gorg views of the city and the park itself is a sunny spot filled with an intriguing mixed-bag of residents. The people watching never gets old.

Photo: Via S.F. Parks And Rec
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The Music
If you're at all into tunes, chances are you're already in awe of our city's plethora of top-notch live-music venues and the steady stream of world-class performers that visit them on the regular. Seriously, just about any act you'd love to see live has passed through this town, and our relatively intimate stages.

Photo: Via Great American Music Hall
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Golden Gate Bridge
Every time we glance over at the national treasure that is the Golden Gate Bridge we let out a little gasp. It never fails to take our breath away. The way it sparkles in the sun or peeks out of the fog, we can’t help but be reminded as to how picture perfect the city truly is. Like, is this real life?

Photo: Courtesy of Golden Gate Bridge
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Moderate Weather
Let’s be real, even though we lament the weather on occasion, it is always pretty mild around here. Needing little more than a light coat come December? Don't mind if we do! Hey, it could be worse. So, for the bearable temps, the weather makes our list.
Acne New Snow Coat, $790, available at Steven Alan.
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Proximity To Nature
As much as we adore spending time roaming around the city, we love the Bay for its accessibility to nature. Slipping away to Big Sur, Santa Cruz, Marin, or wine country is a breeze. You can be anywhere, enjoying the lush, NorCal terrain in little to no time at all.

Photographed by Angela Tafoya
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The Little Details
Not only do we house some of the coolest restaurants in the country, the interior designers that dress the spots don't skimp on the details, either. Need evidence? Check out these extra-cool bathrooms that might just rival your apartment in decor-savvy.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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Chocolate City
Like the sweet stuff? Um, us, too. Thankfully this City by the Bay serves up some of the best sweet-tooth-satisfying hot cocoa, chocolate desserts, and other drool-worthy confections on just about every corner.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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San Francisco’s abundance of quirky, made-to-sit pit stops seriously gets us giddy. Just peep this roundup. We love that we live in a city that appreciates the importance of posting up at a park-like spot for some mid-day R&R.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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Okay, so it's not technically the Bay Area, but it's no secret we love hitting up Tahoe. And with a short, not-so-daunting drive, we can easily enjoy it all year round. Summer or winter, it’s the best mini-vacay spot. We're so tickled to be so close to it, it's our primetime local retreat.

Photographed by Angela Tafoya
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Yummy Pizza
The S.F. pizza scene is dynamite right now. The gourmet toppings, skilled pizzaioli, and innovative combinations that places like Una Pizza Napoletana and Ragazza offer — we just can’t get enough. You’d be hard-pressed to find a local spot that didn't deliver in this doughy department.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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San Francisco Giants Pride
It was tough — if not impossible — to ignore the Orange October madness sweeping (har har) the city. And why would you want to? We’re super proud to have such a charismatic team representing our city. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that they happen to have won the World Series twice in three years either. Holla!

Photo: Courtesy of S.F. Giants
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The View From Lyon Street Steps
After a steep hike up this set of steps (not recommended for novices), you’re rewarded with jaw-dropping views of the city, including Alcatraz and the Palace of Fine Arts, that make that workout oh-so worth it. Plus, you’re surrounded by beautiful architecture and horticulture. This view is one for the books.
Lyon Street Steps, between Lyon and Green streets; No phone.

Photo: Courtesy of Lyon Street Steps/Hidden S.F.
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Living in such a pooch-filled city, around every other bend you’ll find a cute pup waiting to be ogled. And we aren’t complaining! The city offers such great resources for dog owners, from parks to Fido-friendly venues. It’s safe to say S.F. has gone to the dogs, and we’re loving every minute of it.

Photographed by Anna-Alexia Basile
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Public Transit
Complain as we might, we have it pretty good when it comes to transit. You actually can get along somewhat seamlessly sans an auto — not counting those last-minute trips to wine country. We have to commend MUNI and BART (even though, yes, they do push our buttons sometimes) for making jaunting this hilly town relatively easy-peasy.

Photographed by Anna-Alexia Basile
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Free Things To Do
In case you haven’t heard, there are plenty of things to get into in S.F. for virtually no dinero. Yes, we even dedicated a whole guide to it. So, don’t sit home twiddling those thumbs, there’s a great big world of cheapo things to explore! With events for the art lover to food-obsessed, you don’t need a gig at a flush startup to have a ball.

Photo: Courtesy of SFMOMA
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Cool Architecture
Could the candy-colored Painted Ladies be any more charming? The out-of-the-box architecture and rows of iconic, colorful Victorian houses make strolling through S.F. like walking in a story book. The unpredictable structures no doubt add to the city’s unbeatable allure.

Photo: Courtesy of Alamo Square
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Amazing Ice Cream
Artisanal ice cream, anyone? Our hilly hood plays host to a sizeable amount of tasty places to score a mouth-watering cone. We’re talking lemon cookie, red velvet, green tea — the list goes on and on. With places like Bi-Rite Creamery and Humphry Slocombe blazing a local trail for ice cream experts and enjoyers alike, you won't meet a flavor (yes, including Avocado) you won't like.
Naia Gelateria, 520 Columbus Avenue (between Powell and Stockton streets); 415-677-9280.

Photographed by Anna-Alexia
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Wine Country
If we want a vino-drenched escape from the city, nothing beats heading to wine country for the day. We’re so lucky to have such a scene in our own backyard. Okay, maybe an hour or so drive, but still. Whether you prefer the more laid-back town of Sonoma or the famed Napa Valley, there is a wine-centric spot for all palates. Gulp!

Photo: Courtesy of Scribe Winery
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Keeping It Green
S.F.’s eco-conscious spirit permeates all across the city, in an array of shapes and forms. From the food we grow to daily, socially responsible activities — it’s an ethos that San Franciscans hold dear to their hearts. Snaps to S.F. for being on the forefront of ecological practices. Who said it wasn't easy being green?

Photo: Courtesy of HANC Recycling
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The Ferry Building
Oh boy! What would a Saturday morning be like without a trip to the Ferry Building? The communal market is for burgeoning farmers and local sellers to share their passion for tasty treats and artisanal snacks — which our appetites can appreciate. All we need to do is peep the produce at the Ferry Building iconic farmer’s market and we’re instantly in a good mood.
Ferry Building Marketplace, One Ferry Building (at Embarcadero); 415-983-8030.
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Innovative Tech Scene
We have to give thanks to all the local brainiacs and entrepreneurs making our world so much easier to navigate (and to enjoy) thanks to the power of technology. From Apple to Google to Facebook and Instagram, S.F. is the globe's epicenter of innovation. And it makes us so elated to know how many of the great apps and gadgets we use daily came from our fair city. Props.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram
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We know we’ve mentioned the great (environmentally sound) ways to get around, but we must make a call out to S.F. for its extremely bike-friendly routes. It makes wandering around on two wheels a no-brainer. Plus, with a local community feeling so passionate about bike safety, trails, and design — we get another gold star.

Photographed by Anna-Alexia Basile
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Artistic Community
Since the hippie-dippie days, S.F. has been a bubbling hub of artistic minds. Any given day you will find an art show, cool murals, and creatives roaming around. In fact, we have a group of 12 right here! The city's open acceptance, self-expression, and free-thinking attitude contribute to such an amazing art community.

Photographed by Anna-Alexia Basile
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Progressive Practices
From the wake of the gold rush and the summer of love to the tech boom and Pride, we are always at the front line of progression. It’s a place where passion and values aren’t glossed over, making it a haven for non-conformists, creatives, and inspiring community leaders.

Photo: Via Haight Ashbury
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Great Picnic Spots
It’s no secret S.F. is littered with places to throw down a blankie and park it. It’s the quintessential S.F. pastime. With cool lawns and grassy lots to do this, we dig the fact that any day can be a picnic day. And now there are events dedicated to the hobby. Yes, it is a hobby.

Photo: Courtesy of Off The Grid Picnic
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Karl The Fog
Yes, we get a little feisty with Karl sometimes. But let’s be frank, what would this city be without its signature blanket-o-fog? As much as we crave sun-soaked days, we can’t help but grin when we see the eerily gorg city totally covered in fog. It’s makes this place unlike any other!

Photo: Courtesy of Karl The Fog
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Local Artisans
How could we give thanks to this great city without calling out our standout selection of local artisans? Chock-full of jewelry designers, woodworkers, designers, and more, the talent is bountiful here. Shopping local has never been easier.
Lauren Wolf, 14k Rose Gold Pave Black Diamond Arrowhead Ring, $2,520, available at Lauren Wolf Jewelry.
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Buzzy Food Scene
Not to boast (okay, yes we can boast), but we really do have the best selection of the buzziest and tastiest chow under the sun. Dining out in S.F. these days is almost overwhelming. There are just so many envelope-pushing, crave-worthy choices. We can proudly say we love to get our grub on in the Bay.
St. Vincent, 1270 Valencia Street (at 24th Street); 415-285-1200.

Photographed by Anna-Alexia Basile