The Perfect 10-Minute Updo To Get You Through The Holiday Season

The ironic part about the holidays? It's one of the craziest times of the year, yet there are more reasons than ever to look spectacular. Seriously, between frantic shopping excursions and traveling hither-and-thither, who has time to get dolled up? You do, thanks to this super-easy updo that takes just 10 minutes of your oh-so precious time.
You already know how to make a ponytail, right? After that, it's just a tease here, a pin there, and voilà! You have a festive updo that says party—not prom. From the office fete you forgot about to the impromptu get-together with your S.O.'s parents, nobody will ever know you just threw this look together before you ran out the door — we promise. Now, that's what we call some serious holiday magic.
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No matter what you're going through this holiday season, we promise, you'll be able to pull off this look in 10 minutes — or less! And for all you curly haired gals out there, stylist Giselle from Charles Ifergan on Oak Street says, "Any hair texture can wear this style."

Model: Brynne Baughman of Ford Models
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Giselle suggests using Fashion Work hair spray and Wax Blast from Redken and Shining from Rusk. You'll also need an elastic hair tie, bobby pins, a teasing comb, and a brush.
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Start by pulling your hair into a tight ponytail. Ideally, use a boar bristle brush to ensure your sides get as smooth as possible.
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Pin any loose flyaways with bobby pins as needed. Set with hair spray.
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Optional: If you have a straighter mane and would like to add some texture, make a few large waves by wrapping large sections of hair around a curling iron.
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Divide the ponytail into two sections: top and bottom.
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Take a ratting comb (otherwise known as a fine-tooth comb) and start teasing the top section of your divided ponytail. Giselle says to "start at where the elastic hair tie is and work your way to the ends of the hair."
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When you're done teasing, your hair should look something like this. Don't worry — it won't for long!
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Fold over the teased top half toward the front and fan out. Leave the ends hanging out so they blend with the bottom layer of the ponytail. "Don't overthink this step," says Giselle. "It's supposed to look a bit undone."
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Secure the folded over section of hair with bobby pins and gently smooth out the "pouf" with your brush.
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The remaining hanging hair comes from that bottom section of the ponytail you divided earlier, as well as the ends from the top half.
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Using the Wax Blast (spray wax) scrunch the hair with your hands.
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Add a hair comb of your choice to finish the look.
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And there you have it! The perfect undone updo. We bet you stood in the line at Starbucks longer than it took to rock out this style.
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So, where are you headed tonight?