Tie The Knot In Style In Anthropologie's Beyond-Chic Bridal Wear

When Anthropologie opened its bridal-wear outpost, BHLDN, last year, shrieks of delight went up from the hipster wedding crowd. Now, all the blushing brides who'd never dream of marching down the aisle in a Disney-princess dress, can shop Anthropologie's expertly curated selection of stylish, vintage-inspired wedding wear. After all, you want to serve cupcakes at your wedding — not dress like one, right?
Among the elegant, understated gowns on offer? Anna Sui's shimmering, champagne silk number, Tracy Reese's '20s-inspired floral jacquard jaw-dropper, plus sweet, retro tea dresses and vivid satin flats for dancing the night away once the ceremony's over and the real party begins. And with so many choices under $1,500, these are a downright bargain in the crazy-expensive world of wedding dresses.
If you're a frustrated bride-to-be (or the bridesmaid of one!), you've got to see this slideshow. We promise, you don't have to spend a fortune to find your dream dress! Click through, and get ready to float down the aisle in impeccable style.
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Anna Sui Aiguille Gown, $1,200, available at BHLDN.
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Catherine Deane Cascading Goddess Gown, $1,600, available at BHLDN.
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Catherine Deane Elysium Gown, $2,400, available at BHLDN.
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Va Et Vien Kauai Dress, $800, available at BHLDN.
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Delphine Manivet Swan Gown, $3,800, available at BHLDN.
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Fleur Wood Burnished Organza Gown, $1,400, available at BHLDN.
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There Is Only You & Me Windswept Gown, $2,800, available at BHLDN.
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Tracy Reese Cassini’s Muse Gown, $800, available at BHLDN.
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Quillaree Tea Rose Dress, $380, available at BHLDN.
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Debra Moreland Sweetbriar Headpiece, $440, available at BHLDN.
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Debra Moreland Buoyant Blooms Veil, $475, available at BHLDN.