R29 Undie Awards: The 10 Most-Worth-It Pairs

Don't lie. Unless you're Dita Von Teese or Miranda Kerr, your underwear drawer probably isn't something to brag about. It's more likely a mishmash of discount-store purchases, the random sexy set you were gifted ages ago (the only good thing to come out of that relationship), and a pack of emergency granny panties for laundry days. Enough! &dmash; we say.
Great underwear should make you feel fresh, powerful, and put-together, and — if you shop the right pairs — it should last you a long, long time. So, we polled our own office to find the cuts and brands that are actually worth spending some cash on, and awarded them worthy superlatives. Which means you now have the means to turn every pair of panties in your underwear drawer into your favorite pair.
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SKIN organics — "These organic undies are insanely soft to the touch and they have a great low-waisted fit that really suits me. They have a tendency to stretch a bit more than I prefer, but the overall fit is really exceptional." — Christene Barberich, editor-in-chief

SKIN Organic Boyshorts, $32, available at Barneys
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Aerie Lace Tanga — "These lacy underthings come in an awesome array of colors, look super-sexy, and are amazingly comfortable, so you won't be doing the bunched-panty shuffle mid-way through the day." — Megan McIntyre, senior beauty editor

Aerie Vintage Lace Tanga, $12.50, available at Aerie
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Cosabella G String — "Cosabella G-string undies are the absolute best. They're incredibly comfortable, yet so delicate and pretty, too." — Jessica Teves, managing editor

Cosabella Ceylon G-String, $30, available at Cosabella.
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Gap Body Boyshorts — "I used to live and die by the Hanky Panky versions of these boyshorts, but I've recently become a Gap Body convert, and have saved a ton of money in the process. Whether in cotton or lace, these are so comfy — and they fit like a second skin. Oh, and with most dresses and skirts, you can't see the lines. Such a fan." — Neha Gandhi, deputy editor

Gap Elastic Girl Shorts, $14.50, available at Gap
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Honeydew Polka Dot Boyshorts — "I really love the Honeydew Intimates polka-dot sets they sell at Madewell. They're a little bit expensive, but they fit really well and are sexy (cuz they're sheer) but not too sexy-sexy (because they're polka dotted)." — Piera Gelardi, creative director

Honeydew Intimates Polka Dot Boyshort, $16, available at Madewell.
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Calvin Klein Invisible Hipsters — "My biggest pet peeve is an underwear line, so these are perfect for me. While most brands claim to be 'invisible' or seamless, you can still see a line under tight jeans or thin fabrics, but these are super comfy and truly invisible under anything." — Christy Kurtz, senior photo editor

Calvin Klein Invisibles Hipster, $12, available at Calvin Klein.
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American Apparel High Waisted Briefs — "Most of my pants and skirts are high-waisted anyway, so I can wear high-waisted underwear on the regular without feeling like I'm doing some really weird layering. This underwear is cut impeccably (no pinching!) and made of thick, stretch fabric. Some may call 'em granny panties, but these are my granny panties." — Connie Wang, global editor

American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey, $10, available at American Apparel.
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TEN Briefs — "Honestly, Daphne Javitz was the first person to create a luxurious cotton brief that felt as good as it fit. The construction and quality of the design makes these practical and totally sexy. And they don't give me panty-lines...they are utterly magical" — Christene Barberich, editor-in-chief

Ten Briefs, $40, available at Opening Ceremony.
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Victoria's Secret PINK — "They may not be the most sophisticated undies out there, but they're cheap, good quality, and better than tighty whiteys." — Seija Rankin, editorial assistant, East Coast

PINK Cotton Curved Hem Hipster, 5 for $25, available at Victoria's Secret
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Commando Shorts — "At my friend’s wedding, we all jumped in the pool afterward, and when we took off our formal dresses, we were all wearing the exact same underwear. You can't argue with numbers." — Nicole Hantas, chief financial officer

Commando Solid Girl Short, $26, available at Wear Commando.

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