Meet 9 of S.F.’s Hottest Tech Guys – And Peep Their Style!

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    [UPDATE: This story was originally published on October 30.]

    The entire world is eyeing S.F. as we continue to crush it with standout technology. The financial bets are big, the innovation is intoxicating, and the city is buzzing with possibilities. But, as you can tell just by looking around, dapper dressing is still pretty low on the priority list for many digital-minded dudes.

    However, in a scene filled with ill-fitting hoodies, we've had our eye on a few gentlemen who are bucking this trend. The nine coolest guys in tech are keeping style top of mind while making waves in the industry. We've asked them to get real with us about fashion disasters, their perspectives on S.F. style, and how they're changing the world's idea of what it looks like to work in tech. With not a flip-flop in sight, we promise — this is geek chic at its finest.

    Photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux

    Photographed by

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