So Over Crazy Costumes? Show Your Spooky Spirit With Rad Nail Art

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    Okay, not to be Halloween Scrooges, but the R29 beauty department just can't seem to get in the mood to tear away from Ricky's in search of a Halloween costume this year. So. Much. Effort. In our attempt to get in the Halloween groove without donning a slutty sailor costume (anything with even the suggestion of thigh highs makes us gag), we trolled around our favorite nail-design blogs, and lo and behold: A slew of cute, spooky nail art did appear. We could totally flash one of these if someone accuses us of being party poopers at our upcoming weekend shindigs.

    The best part is these nail designs look super-impressive (so your Honey Boo Boo/Bond Girl/Binders-Full-Of-Women-clad friends will think you made an effort), but they're really not that difficult to execute. So, we say, be a little lazy this year, put on a mask or a boa or crazy hat, and flash your adorable spooky-ghost nails. It totally counts as a costume.

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