6 Fall Looks, Straight From R29's S.F.-Based Editors

Sure, we dole out all kinds of style advice here at Refinery29 San Francisco, but what do the gals behind our fine site actually incorporate into their own lifestyles? Well, we're about to show you, thanks to this up-close-and-personal introduction to, well, yours truly.
We played dress-up all over this town — from a trip across the bridge to our S.F. editor Angela Tafoya's stomping grounds to a Mission-Noe jaunt with senior west coast editor Katie Hintz-Zambrano. And now, we're giving you the 411 on their personal-style habits, favorite local haunts, and so much more. Howdy, neighbors!
Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Angela Tafoya, San Francisco Editor

Hood: Emeryville

Years In The Bay: 4

How would you describe your style? "It’s definitely something that’s constantly evolving as I personally and professionally develop, but I’d typically describe it as a touch androgynous, with a splash of girly quirk. I love designs that are drape-y, comfortable, but still sleek, while maintaining a level of playfulness. I gravitate toward statement-making pieces that I can integrate and use to snazz up a minimalist outfit."

If you could wear one item for the rest of your life what would it be?
"Well, it would be a variation of one item — black booties. They are an essential part of my daily uniform and I love that I can pair them with a dress for a low-key look or just toss them on with pants and head out the door. Plus, trekking around in heels doesn’t fare well with S.F.’s hills, so these are a comfy medium. And Rachel Comey sure does know how to make irresistible iterations."

Angela takes a walk through one of her fave shopping spots, Temescal Alley, in a Madewell sweater and shirt, Marisa Haskell necklace, Urban Outfitters skirt, Karen Walker sunglasses, and Rachel Comey boots.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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What’s your philosophy when it comes to accessorizing?
"There once was a time I never met a bauble I didn’t like. Piling it on was the name of the game. However, I’ve shifted my jewelry perspective and have become a little more stark. There are a few key pieces I wear every day, like my two Marisa Haskell necklaces and bracelets, but other than that — I keep it basic. Sometimes, when I’m feeling fun I’ll whip out the crazy necklaces and rings. Watch out!"

Sheep wearing socks! Who knew?

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Who are some of your favorite designers or brands?
"I’m constantly inspired by all the new talent that’s budding in the fashion industry, and definitely have a penchant for emerging designers, but when it comes to globally known brands — Band of Outsiders, Acne, A.P.C., Rachel Comey, Karen Walker. Just to name a few!"

Have you picked up any fashion tips from subjects over the last few months?
"I am so amazed by our subjects — and when you’re out on the hunt for street style you definitely are able to see and pick up on must-try or new, interesting ways to wear things. But, most recently when we shot model Maggie Rizer, it was so cool to hear her share her first-hand experiences working in fashion, and while I wouldn’t say I received a direct tip or anything, she did have some very good takeaways."

Angela sipping some brew outside Pizzaiolo!

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Who are some of your fashion icons?
"If we’re talking personal style icons, Patti Smith for her soulful edge and badass-tomboy take on daytime dressing. I also admire Julia Sarr-Jamois of Wonderland Magazine for her bold, boy-meets-girl, out-of-the-box getups. Plus, that hair! Also, Audrey Hepburn will always be a cherished fave for her timeless, streamlined simplicity!"

What’s one beauty trick a fellow editor has taught you?
"I’ve definitely learned the power of the bright lip from senior editor Katie Hintz-Zambrano! It’s been something I’ve dabbled in recently. Also, photo intern Anna-Alexia Basile’s hair is on another level — literally — which motivates me to try new things with my tresses … in theory."

Angela hanging outside her ‘hood in a Something Else shirt, J.Crew jeans, Ali Golden bag, and Christian Louboutin heels.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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What’s the most inspiring thing about working in fashion?
"I think being able to share a vision and voice with people that find the same subjects intriguing is incredibly rewarding. Communicating both verbally and visually on a platform and discussing topics that are truly close to your heart is something I seriously pinch myself over — every single day. Also, when you love what you do, it isn’t 'work' anymore, it’s a integral part of your life, and that to me is invaluable."

Hot steppers!

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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What’s one item in your closet that gets the most mileage?
"I’m the kind of person that will buy something, wear the crap out of it, and then toss it in a dark corner of my closet for hibernation. So, I go through sartorial shifts with items I wear a lot. Right now, my Ali Golden bag, Rachel Comey boots, orange Equipment top, and a pair of scalloped Keds shorts with little books on them are getting a ton of mileage."

What are your fave spots in your hood?
"I’m a skip away from Temescal Alley, so for shopping I love going there to see what’s brewing at Esqueleto, Marisa Haskell, and Ali Golden. I also hit up Farley’s quite a bit. It’s up the block from my house and I usually go there for my AM and PM cuppa Joe. Prizefighter is always good for a beer and when Fivetenburger is around I am like the happiest girl ever — and I love Pepple’s Donuts. Okay, now I'm hungry!"

All smiles!

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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What’s your favorite R29 story that you’ve produced?
"Oh man! There are seriously so many that I adore for different reasons. But, two recent ones that I really enjoyed were the emerging artist piece and stylish photographers, it was so wondrous to peek into the minds, lives, and workspaces of such inspiring artists and photographers. Also, the hottest chef piece was a doozy and I loved working on it and getting to know our photographer Molly."

When you’re not on R29, what other sites do you turn to for online inspiration?
"Pinterest! It’s seriously where you’ll find me when I’m not on R29. Also, Wonderland Magazine, SF Girl By Bay, and Editor Real Talk are faves."

Angela soaking up some sun in a Funktional jacket, Marisa Haskell necklaces, vintage shades, and Opening Ceremony boots.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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What are some of your fave S.F. shops?
"There are a boatload of shops I admire, but a few favorites? I love ACRE/SF and Acrimony for its cool, contemporary wares — and they have a great selection of Karen Walkers. I also really like Rand + Statler for its luxe, aspirational threads, and Mira Mira for its girly silhouettes. I also like browsing Unionmade with my boyfriend."


Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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What do you love about living in the East Bay?
"The great restaurants, thriving arts community, cool people, and bang for your buck. I also don’t mind the gritty feel that Oakland has, every day is an adventure — that’s for sure!"

Shady lady! Angela soaks in some rays in glasses she scored at Pretty Penny.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Katie Hintz-Zambrano, Senior West Coast Editor

Hood: Noe Valley

Years In The Bay: 3

How would you describe your style?
"I go between wearing a preppy Jenna Lyons-groupie style, sporting ladylike fashion reminiscent of Tilda Swinton in I Am Love (at least in my head), and doing the super-comfortable San Francisco hippie thing."

What local stores do you find yourself shopping at?
"Although I love an expertly curated story, I'm a thrifter and bargain hunter at heart. I think it comes from growing up in Nebraska and trying to cobble together stylish outfits from TJ Maxx and the sale racks at Dillard's and Younkers back in the day. I still love the thrill of the hunt, and I'm lucky because San Francisco has such a great thrift and vintage scene. My hands-down, most-frequented shop is Crossroads. I've scored Margiela, Vena Cava, Isabel Marant, and more, for dirt cheap. As for new stores, I always point visitors toward Reliquary, General Store, Unionmade, and Gravel & Gold for a cool local experience. And, if one boutique could be my closet, it would probably be Dish in Hayes Valley."

Katie, at her favorite perch in Dolores Park, wears a See by Chloe dress, YSL heels, Jessica Winzelberg necklace, Sarah Swell bracelet, and a neon bracelet from Buenos Aires.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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What's the best part about living in Noe Valley?
"I like how idyllic it is and sort of set back from the rest of the city, but also so close to two of my favorite neighborhoods: the Mission and the Castro. I moved from New York three years ago, so being able to walk to most of my favorite shops, restaurants, cafes, and, of course, Dolores Park, is great. There's no better view than the top of that patch of grass on a clear day! Also, I had friends joke that if I moved to Noe and drank the water, I would get pregnant. And, lo and behold, it happened! I'm four months along now and expecting my first baby in April. I am so pumped to be a stroller-toting Noe mom!"


Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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Has being pregnant cramped your style?
"So far, not too much. I've actually been dressing like I was pregnant long before I was, thanks to my love of muumuus and oversized silhouettes. In fact, when my husband and I met at the MoMa in NYC, his pickup line was a query as to whether the sack dress I was wearing was 'passé.' Um, apparently not in my eyes. I continue to wear them five years later!"

What's the best part of your job?
"I get to explore and discover amazing things and share my findings with our readers! I love meeting cool creatives in this town and really soaking up their enthusiasm for what they do. I'm also lucky that I've been a long-time reader of Refinery29 and I essentially feel like I'm coming up with content that myself and my friends would want to read, so it's really not that hard!"

Checking out the view at the top of Dolores Park.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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What have some of your favorite stories been to produce?
"Anything shot in wine country is always a dreamy experience. One of my first shoots was with Michelle Drewes and Michele Ouellet in Saint Helena and it was such an ideal setting — and subject! I've also loved writing a 'Girls Gone Mild' guide to Healdsburg with two of my fellow writers and friends, Natalie Goel and Joanna Riedl. It was work and play at its best. Shooting the ladies of Scribe Winery and photographing the Shelter Co. crew at Campovida was also great. And, heading to the South Bay to document the most stylish gals at Google was awesome. Two of my interns came with me and I'll never forget riding around on the 7-person conference bike! We were geeking out, big time."

Katie strolls around Noe Valley in a Blood is the New Black tee, Eel & Ermine skirt, Clare Vivier bag, and cheapie, no-name heels.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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When you're not working, where can you be found in the city?
"Walking up over the hill to Dolores Park (I call it 'urban hiking'), combing through the racks at thrift stores, playing tennis at all of the beautiful public courts, reading magazines, and exploring new restaurants or eating at my top standbys. A great day would include a meal at my favorite restaurant, Outerlands, and a walk to Ocean Beach. Also, myself, my fellow editor Angela, and a few of our writers have recently taken up Scattergories. I'm obsessed and not too embarrassed about it. Another nerdy thing we do is meet for Article Club, which is a little group I founded, based on the fact that books are way too long for me."

The Noe resident shows off her DayGlo hues and designer-savvy T-shirt. "I love little insider-y tees or bags. This one, my tank top with the Margiela wig coat printed on it, and my 'Can't Afford A Birkin' tote bag, are all sort of fashion-industry signifiers. I'm always impressed when an S.F.'er screams at me how much they love my bag or top."

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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When it comes to beauty, what's your routine like?
"I'm really into a bold lip, I think it started with an orange lipstick roundup I wrote about a year ago. So, lately I've been sticking to a simple eye, peachy blush, and an interesting lipstick color. It's an easy way to make it look like you tried harder than you really did. When I want something more dramatic, I take advice from our NY-based crew and slap on this two-minute smokey eye. It's so simple! And, when all else fails, I can lean on incredible local makeup artist Katie Nash. She's such a pro in both makeup and hair and is the mastermind behind our crazy-popular helmet hair story. Otherwise, I'm a total hippie with my locks. I don't dye them and hardly cut them!"

Katie holds a strategically belly-blocking clutch.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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What three pieces in your closet get the biggest workout?
"Probably my stretch-denim skinny jeans by Levi's, my Margiela wig-coat tank by Blood is the New Black (I love how it's a bit long), and an oversized navy and white striped sweater that I've had for a few years. If I could add a fourth, it'd be a loose H&M maxi dress that is so simple to throw on for a quick appointment, Whole Foods run, or a jaunt to Napa. Maxi dresses are essential in this climate! I pair mine with flats."

Katie posts up outside one of her faves, Arizmendi Bakery, in an American Apparel jacket, Blood is the New Black tank top, Quiksilver jeans, Tsubo boots, Souve's 'Can't Afford a Birkin' tote, and necklaces by Katie Diamond and Yellow Owl Workshop.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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What's your philosophy when it comes to accessorizing?
"I'm actually not a huge accessories girl and I don't wear jewelry, besides my wedding band, on most days. But when I do decide to pile it on, it's usually with delicate necklaces and bracelets. I've also been really lucky to receive some great bags, baubles, and shoes as gifts over the past few years, which is great, because it's not something I gravitate towards when shopping for myself. I have beautiful pieces by local brands Jessica Winzelberg, Sarah Swell, Marisa Haskell, Tsubo, Freda Salvador, and also Bottega Veneta, Steven Alan, and Clare Vivier that have fallen into my lap! I'm so grateful."

An NYC-born piece by Katie Diamond and a locally crafted Yellow Owl Workshop pendant decorate Katie's neck.

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory
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How would you describe San Francisco style?
"Before you talk about style in this town, I think you have to recognize the weird weather patterns — hello, we wear bubble coats in August! — and also the crazy-hilly terrain that makes heels seem ridiculous. So, I think comfort is definitely key to most people, but I think comfortable clothes can still be stylish. Many of the guys in town have it down pat: cropped denim, cool plaid shirt, nice leather boots, trendy frames. For the girls, it's a bit harder, but I think the whole city is getting cooler by the day."

Do you consider S.F. a good fashion city?
"People often ask me about the fashion scene here, and I explain that it'll always play second fiddle — or really fifth fiddle — to the tech and food scenes, which are just filled with country-leading innovation. I think the lack of production facilities for young designers is the reason why a lot of talent is forced to move to L.A. and New York. At the same time, my philosophy when launching the San Francisco edition of Refinery29 a year and a half ago was 'If you build it, they will come.' And I really do think the local fashion community has grown over that time and I'm happy that the site is something that everyone can identify with. We're definitely trying to do our part in building the local style scene and I'm so excited to watch it grow!"

Photographed by Jasmine Gregory