Get Your Ghoul On With These Rad Halloween Nail-Art Designs

When we found out that our favorite nail artist, Fleury Rose, was joining forces with Illamasqua for some goulish Halloween nail art, to say we were excited was an understatement. The U.K. brand is a staple in our nail-polish repertoire — thanks to its super-opaque formulas and fashion-forward color palette — and Fleury never seems to disappoint when it comes to decorating our digits.
Click through to see the frightening fingertip fun these two powerhouses dreamt up and get the scoop on how you can re-create these seriously scary (and awesome!) looks on your own digits this Halloween.
Photo: Courtesy of Illamasqua
Vampire's Kiss
Illamasqua products used: Nail Varnish in Aorta and Boosh, Precision Ink in Scribe.
1. After applying basecoat, paint nails with two coats of Aorta and let dry 3-5 minutes.
2. Dip small brush in Boosh, and paint a triangle at the top of the nail to create the bow of the lips.
3. Paint an oval shape in the center of the red nail to create the opening of the mouth. Sllow to dry for five minutes.
4. Draw on fangs and lip highlight with Precision Ink in Scribe and let dry, then apply topcoat.
Photo: Courtesy of Illamasqua
Witching Hour
Illamasqua products used: Nail Varnish in Phallic, DWS, Scorch, and Blow.
1. After applying a basecoat, apply one thick coat of Phallic. Let dry.
2. Dip the small brush in Blow and create a tiny crescent moon.
3. Dot on very tiny stars with the tip of the brush. Allow to dry for at least five minutes.
4. Pour out a small puddle of Scorch, then a small puddle of DWS next to it, so that the colors are touching.
5. Dip the corner of your makeup sponge into the polish so you get a little of each color on the sponge. Gently dab on clouds.
6. Allow to dry 3-5 minutes, and apply topcoat.
Photo: Courtesy of Illamasaqua
Evil Eye
Illamasqua products used: Nail Varnish in Scorn, Scorch, and Serenity.
1. After applying basecoat, paint nails with two coats of Scorn. Allow nails to dry for 3-5 minutes.
2. Pour out a small amount of Scorch onto tin foil. Dip the large end of a dotting tool into the polish and dot the polish onto your nail. Repeat three times on each nail. Allow to dry 3-5 minutes.
3. Pour a small puddle of Serenity onto foil. Dip the small end of a dotting tool into polish and dot in the very center of each white circle. Repeat on each nail. Allow to dry 3-5 minutes.
4. Dip the point of a toothpick into Scorn and gently dot a tiny black point into the center of each eye.
5. After allowing to dry, add optional topcoat for a shiny finish, or leave it off to stay matte.
Photo: Courtesy of Illamasqua

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