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Halloween Accessories You’ll Want To Wear Well After October

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    The biggest downer on Halloween? People who show up “as themselves.” Equally disappointing? Realizing you’ve spent a hefty chunk of cash on an outfit you’ll wear only once.

    We love Halloween because you get to pretend to be someone (or something) else for a night (and we don't mean trading IDs with your BF or breaking out your best British accent to fool a guy). But, what about the other 364 days? To split the costs — since you’re bound to be attending at least a few costume parties this year — why not invest in some awesome accessories that will carry your costume into uncharted territory and still hang around after all the candy is eaten.

    Use this once-annual opportunity to purchase spectacular accessories that you’ve been waiting for an excuse to wear. And then, continue to wear them. Whether it’s a retro, Gwen Stefani-esque tie necklace or a pair of cat ears that could work for the daytime, we’ve got you covered on add-ons that will do double duty for Halloween. Imagination, not included.

    Photo: Via Urban Outfitters
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