16 Essentials For The Perfect Home Bar

UPDATE: This story was originally published on October 11.
So, you're hosting cocktail hour at your place—now, how to prepare? Well, we've got your fail-proof checklist, right here. A variety of spirits to meet all tastes? Check. The appropriate garnishes? You're on it. The proper barware? That one's a little bit trickier. The red plastic cup is best reserved for beer pong days. So, instead of mixing a Manhattan with a soup spoon, stock your home bar with these 16 essentials worthy of the fresh ingredients and the top-level liquors you love.
After all, the secret to an amazing drink extends to the accessories used to prepare it. A perfectly blended and cold drink? Not without a stainless steel shaker. Straight up? You'll need a strainer. If you're looking to make an impression, these tools of the trade should come in handy. Plus, you might just have your Tom Cruise Cocktail moment yet.