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The 10 Most Romantic Bars In S.F. — Grab A Date And Go!

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    [UPDATE: This story was originally published on September 24.]

    We love a dive-y sports bar as much as the next girl, but when we want to gaze into someone’s eyes, not at a scoreboard, or be distracted by skull-numbing noise, we call on our feminine wiles and head over to the most romantic drinking destinations for tippling à deux.

    That's why we’ve visited and vetted the perfect spots to get the conversation going and the flames burning — all while bathing you in ultra-flattering light. And, these interiors — from cavernous wine venues to intimate saloons — should certainly set the mood. The rest of the night, we'll leave up to you. Ply that special someone with drinks, regale them with your fascinating tales, and mesmerize them with your smoking hotness — whatever it takes — and finish what we started.

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