3 Local Foodies Show Us Their Fridges (& What Should Be In Yours)

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    UPDATE: This story was originally published on September 20.

    Though we miss MTV Cribs for a multitude of reasons, arguably the best part of the show was that pivotal fridge-opening scene. Sure, the eight-car garages and home theater rooms were impressive, but when Lil Wayne, Naomi Campbell, or the ladies of Destiny's Child let us in to the intimate worlds of their refrigerators, we were rapt. Did they drink 2% or skim milk? Would they stock shelves of energy drinks, or a bounty of designer water? Did they have any weird food addictions?

    And since we're never ones to skip a sneak peek inside someone's home, fridge-stalking is the obvious next step for us. It's both fascinating and motivating — along the lines of "I need to buy a juicer and start making my own blueberry cashew milk." (Or at least, "I need to stock something other than Snack Packs.") So, we snooped inside the refrigerators of some of our favorite local foodies to see what they stock up on around this time of year. From a salad-obsessed restaurateur to a blogger who only shops at local farmers' markets, we got the skinny on their fave products, strange snack preferences, go-to recipes, and what you'll never find in their iceboxes. The result? We can't bring back Cribs, but we can inspire some very productive grocery shopping.

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