8 Stunning Snaps From Denmark's Style Capital

Copenhagen may be a world away for some of us, but for those of you who haven't made the trip, it isn't only filled with sneakerheads (not that we're complaining). Denmark's capital is stocked with ladies who radiate all-around sophisticated, smart, and quirky style.
With a mix of luxury labels, fast-fashion favorites, and — yes! — DIY project gone very right, Copenhagen truly sets the perfect example of the high/low mix. And the results are some of the coolest ensembles this side of Scandinavia. We captured eight locals straight from the streets whose looks can easily outshine even the sunniest Denmark day.
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Giving her take on classic black and white, blogger Sarah poses like a pro in her Zara ensemble and DIY necklace.
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Can you believe April, a stylist, found that jacket at the Century 21 outlet? Score!
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The geometric print on Cecilie's vintage dress is simply adorable. And the writer/fashion designer's top is from Acne.
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Catching some shade is Ingrid, a fashion agent who's wearing Marc Jacobs.
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Not a cloud in the Copenhagen sky over Olivia. This student sports a Nelly dress, Vagabund shoes, and a H&M jacket.
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Another DIY darling, marketing intern Arndis made her necklace; however, her dress is from Gina Tricot and the bag is COS.
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Byndis is a fashion designer wearing her own creation under the label Rosa Byndis. She may also be a professional light catcher.
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Smart choice! Johnne is a student whose dress is a second-hand item.