Sandal Stalking! Check Out 28 Cool Pairs Spotted On Real L.A. Girls

Let's get one thing straight: We're not pulling a Mean Girls stare down when we survey your head-to-toe style situation. Quite frankly, the shoe addict in us just wants to take a peek at what you've got hitting the pavement.
So, with our shutterbug in tow, we scouted some seriously sweet sandals on the heels of SoCal's loveliest ladies, and it's safe to say our memory card was completely booked with perfect pairs after this assignment. Take a gander at the so-cute tootsies we snapped while wandering around town. Heck, even the Regina Georges of the world can't knock these kicks.
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If you thought tassels and green plaid pants would make you look like an extra from Caddyshack, think again! This combo is perfect to a tee.
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These Sergio Rossi stunners may leave odd tan lines, but that's a sacrifice she's willing to take.
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Neon-on-neon is NBD when paired with simple skinnies and a bad-ass attitude!
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This lady was down to tie one on when we spotted her in these Bebe wedges.
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Classic red polish and minimalist metallics, this girl just inspired us to hit up our nail salon and closest Zara, stat!
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Architectural and awesome, these YSL beaut's went straight on our wish lists!
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Seriously, we'd travel all the way to Korea just to pick up these puppies.
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Looks like this Zara employee put her discount to good use!
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We're having a hard time deciding what's more impressive: this girl's super-detailed tattoos, or her sandal score from Marshalls!
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These Dolce Vita T-strap sandals define pretty in pink.
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Another stand-out pair from Zara — they just won't quit! (Not that we mind.)
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Oh my Miu Miu! Those jewels are even more striking when paired with emerald-green trousers.
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These kicks from Korea are white hot! (And will look amazing when paired with opaque tights come fall.)
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One gal taks a walk on the wild side in Jessica Simpson-designed heels!
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She's about to paint the town red in these quirky kicks!
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We spotted this pair while roaming around downtown. We think these edgy sandals go great with her grey pedi.
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Can you believe this web developer purchased these wedges from a street vendor? We wish every stall we passed was that stylish!
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Give studded sandals a girly spin with a pink pedi.
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We're totally digging the neutral vibe from these Nine West wedges.
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We can practically see our reflection in these Sigerson Morrisons!
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Another reason to adore Irene's Story in Marina Del Rey: these sandals.
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The unexpected color combo of yellow and blue make these SOIYL shoes pop.
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Pin-thin stiletto heels make these Giuseppe Zanotti kicks straight-up sexy.
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We're channeling our inner Rastafarian in these SOIYL sandals!
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Simple T-straps get a kick in the pants with neon accents and a T.J. Maxx price tag.
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Ok, we will official bow down to Zara. Brava!
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Urban Outfitters nails it with that bold, neon strap!
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Jeffrey Campbell is the ultimate stud muffin, as if you needed proof!