Miami’s Coolest Business Ladies Show You Tropical 9-5 Dressing

Wynwood is Miami at its best. Nestled within this colorful neighborhood are emerging galleries, amazing restaurants, and The Workshop collective—a full-service marketing company with projects as varied as the neighborhood where it resides. With such a keen eye for aesthetics, the ladies who work at The Workshop have top-notch style, demonstrating that just because we live in the tropics, that doesn't mean we can't still turn it out—sartorially and professionally—at work.
Inside a truly enviable (and free-thinking!) office space, the girls showed us how they get inspired and turn projects into successful creative endeavors while also spilling a couple of office-style secrets. So, check out the coolest work space in Wynwood, and bring these 9-to-5 style tips to your daytime wardrobe!
Go inside the raddest Wynwood office, ever—plus, score some genius dressing tips!
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Describe your at-work style:

(Left to right) Daniela, promotions director: "I’m very casual, but I like to spice it up with some combat boots for daytime and some comfortable heels for night. For Miami, I’m always wearing materials that are lightweight."

Maile, partner and communications director: "I'd describe myself as feminine with a little rock and roll. I love mixing timeless pieces with something that feels newer. I’m a little rough around the edges, so I definitely like to throw rock and roll into what I wear, but I always keep it simple and comfortable."

Lorelle, publicist: "I am always evolving. While I say I generally lean toward a New York aesthetic more than a Miami one, I am always going through wardrobe transitions. Today, I am into colored or textured jeans and button-downs, but tomorrow, I might be into maxi-dresses with big chunky jewelry. What is consistent, though, is no matter what I wear, there will always be subtle hints of my personality in there. I always have to add a touch of quirk. You will never see me in a straightforward outfit."

Catalina, assistant of events and promotions: "I like vintage pieces, but also modern ones, too. I take ideas from European fashion such as Zara and H&M, as well as runway, but I also love simple American clothes from American Apparel. Top tip: accessorize! I can turn a plain outfit into something more fun simply with a scarf or necklace or some chunky heels."
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What is an essential outfit that can take you from workday to night, and still have you looking fabulous in the Miami heat?

Lorelle: "In Miami, you can’t have fabrics that are going to suffocate you, and, for me, it’s important to stay conservative, which means finding that right shirt that you can breath in and covers up the ladies! Madewell actually has a lot of lightweight long sleeves right now in all different colors and patterns. I have a few of them and I roll up the sleeves to beat the heat. Closed-toed flats are a daytime must for me, but I always carry a pair of heels in the car. Oh, and bright red lip never hurts."
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What has been your favorite project here at The Workshop?

Maile: "What I love about what I do now is how different each day is. I can’t pick one! We don’t consider ourselves a PR agency; we consider ourselves a creative collective, so we’re involved in everything from designing a liquor bottle to promotions. I love diving in the deep end and really get involved with my clients."
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What is one heat-surviving product you have to keep with you?

Daniela: "Hair spray! My hairdresser recently taught me how to curl my hair, so it’s an essential for me. It also helps me keep my bangs in place in this humidity."
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What currently is on your inspiration board?

Maile: "This neighborhood! There’s so much amazing energy and everyone’s dressed so wonderfully. On Thursday nights they have a biker happy hour at Wood Tavern, and everyone shows up on their bikes and dressed in biker outfits. That was the thought behind moving the office here — it’s an up-and-coming neighborhood with a lot of great energy, music, and style. People don’t play by any rules here. There are great thrift stores down the block, and you can never guess where anyone got their outfit. There’s a lot of creativity and individuality."
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Tell us a bit about what you do here at The Workshop:

Lorelle: "First and foremost, I'm a publicist, so my priority is to make sure all of our clients’ voices are heard. But while that is my primary role, we call ourselves a creative collective for a reason. At The Workshop, we are a team, and although we all have our own niches and with three offices around the country, we work very closely with one another on everything under the marketing umbrella. Our goal is to tell a story."
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Does The Workshop have a specialty? What are you learning working here, right now?

Daniela: "One of our specialties is launching liquor brands into the U.S. market. Being involved with spirits has allowed me to enhance my passion for mixology; I take advantage of this by expressing my knowledge through the cocktails we create at our events. It’s a one-person position for a 360º role."
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What is your current closet manifesto?

Daniela: "I get a lot of my inspiration from '70s and '80s style. I’m really into vintage shades and dark colors. I love how my mom and grandma used to dress…I just wish I’d kept their clothes!"
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What makes The Workshop special to you?

Maile: "My typical day is never the same. We have a lot of really great clients but they’re all very different. There’s a lot of client management, a lot of pitching, and dealing with the media. Since we're a small boutique agency and we all work really hard, the only way to function is to stay organized. But we are one big team: We collaborate with our clients and our co-workers in L.A."
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What is currently on your inspiration board?

Catalina: "High-fashion magazines, old movies, vintage styles from the '60s all the way to '90s, such as hippie prints and colors, high-waisted flared pants, long purses, and faded acid-washed jeans."
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What are you loving, at this moment, about Miami? What is your favorite thing in the 305 these days?

Lorelle: "I love what's happening in our city right now. A few years ago, when I used to resort to magazines or visits to the Northeast for my fashion fix, I can now find inspiration here. There's an energy and creativity that has never existed in the city before…or at least it hasn't for a long while. With our office in Wynwood, we are in the epicenter of this shift. I walk over to get a cup of coffee or go to an Art Walk and I love what I see — between the up-and-coming style stars to the really cool, ever-changing street art, it's great to be in Miami."
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What is your trick for dressing for the office in Miami?

(Left to right) Catalina: "One heat-surviving product I can't live without is my eyelash curler! If my lashes go down with the heat, it definitely comes in handy."

Daniela: "Leggings and sheer colorful tops are my go-to staples. You can breath in them but also dress them up with heels. Also, I love hats! Anything from fedoras to African hats work, but I'm really into New Era hats right now."

Lorelle: "Though it sounds weird saying this since I'm in Miami, but I've gotta have my bronzer. Since I’m always working, I don’t have a lot of time for the sun. You got to fake it to make it sometimes."

Maile: "For me, being flexible means flats-to-heels and a little makeup. A great maxi-dress or a summer dress that you could dress up with some shoes is a perfect way to leave the office ready for your evening. Throw in some light lipstick, mascara, and add a vest, blazer or jacket on top and you’re good to go."