Design On A Dime: Where To Buy The Coolest, Cheapest Art

Walk into anyone's home, and we bet the first thing you notice is what's hanging on the walls. Art, in all of its forms, is that magic decor touch that elevates a space and tells a visual story about its inhabitants.
And, while we've graduated from college-era posters (Klimt + Audrey + D-Day kiss, anyone?), we're still a long way off from scooping the kind of eye-candy prized by serious collectors. But, in our years-long hunt to feather our own nests on the cheap, we've compiled a running list of amazing, accessible web sites for museum-worthy pieces at totally affordable prices. And naturally, we're sharing said list with you!
No matter your taste — from black-and-white photography to abstract landscapes to old-time oil portraits — you'll find something rad and original that'll give you major design cred without wiping out your savings account.
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You're likely already a fan of Etsy for the wealth of one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry and craft options, but it's also an amazing source for unique and inexpensive art from all over the globe — a virtual world bazaar at your fingertips. A major bonus is the site's messaging feature, which is a dream come true when you're in the market for a special item. This direct conversation option enables you to ask a seller anything you want, like if they can enlarge a print, reproduce an existing piece with different colors or on a different scale, or create an altogether new piece custom to your taste — an option if the seller is a painter, illustrator, graffiti artist, or printmaker. In our own experience, one helpful shop owner offered to resize a photo to fit our $20 IKEA frame.

Cate Parr Modelink 4 Watercolor Fashion Illustration Print, $35, available at Silver Ridge Studio.

Photo: Courtesy of Silver Ridge Studio
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Jennifer Meyers Horse Photograph, $10-$90, available at Apples & Oats Photography.

Photo: Courtesy of Apples & Oats Photography
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Jessica Durant Ciao Bella Watercolor Typography Illustration Print, $18, available at Jessica Illustration.
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The mathematical motto behind 20x200 is "(limited editions x low prices) + the Internet = art for everyone." The site is a go-to spot for finding new fine art and photography by emerging and established current artists, with an exclusive touch: Each piece is signed by the creator and numbered, so you know just how special your pick is. New prints (with artist statements) are added every week, and we love the notion that buying from the website can directly support the artists. The coolest perk is the DIY framing kit feature, which you can choose for pieces of certain sizes in lieu of custom framing, and save $60. The latter, of course, comes ready-to-hang, but the former includes supplies for self-assembly, including a frame, made-to-measure mat, backing, archival tape, a hanging bracket, and instructions. Genius.

Ian Baguskas Waiting Archival Pigment Print, $60-$240, available at 20x200.

Photo: Courtesy of 20x200/Ian Baguskas
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Michelle Hinebrook Encrusted Archival Pigment Print, $24-$1200, available at 20x200.

Photo: Courtesy of 20x200/Michelle Hinebrook
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Bryan Schutmaat Food Sign Archival Pigment Print, $60-$1200, available at 20x200.

Photo: Courtesy of 20x200/Bryan Schutmaat
7 of 15 literally has it all. You can peruse thousands of iconic photo prints (Andy Warhol, Ansel Adams, et al) and famous reproductions such as Picasso's Les Demoiselles, with inexpensive and abundant framing options. Plus, offers our absolute favorite feature of the lot: the ability to virtually frame your potential purchase and see it in a room with furniture and various paint colors. How cool is that? Even better, you can place multiple works of art in the same room to see how they look together before taking the plunge. If you want to take the personal route, the site also lets you upload and blow up your own favorite photographs.

Bill Curtsinger Underwater View Photographic Print, $39.99-$399.99, available at

Photo: Courtesy of Curtsinger
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Toyo San New Yorker Cover - April 2, 1927 Giclee Print, $95-$749, available at

Photo: Courtesy of San
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Richard Phillips Spectrum Stretched Canvas Print, $149, available at

Photo: Courtesy of Phillips
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We can't stop scrolling through the massive selection of ultra-hip prints on Society6. The addictive web site showcases the works of artists all over the world, and is ideal for the modern-minded art seeker with a whimsical, graphic aesthetic. Though the inventory is mostly fine art, there are some photographs and poster-style typography prints available, too. With endless choices and low prices, this is a must-click destination for anyone trying to create a gallery wall — and it's a bonus if you're hunting for quirky pieces that play off each other.

Christina Shaffell Texas Longhorn #1 Art Print, $16-$34, available at Society6.

Photo: Courtesy of Society6/Christina Shaffell
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Powerpig Cotton Candy Art Print, $16-$32, available at Society6.

Photo: Courtesy of Society6/Powerpig
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Myan Soffia la la land Art Print, $18-$50, available at Society6.

Photo: Courtesy of Society6/Myan Soffia
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UGallery had us at "Art Au Lait," a pseudo tongue-in-cheek curation of pieces inspired by our caffeinated beverage of choice. Think photographs of freshly brewed java, oil paintings of French presses, watercolors of cafe-goers sipping cups of joe — art from everywhere and anywhere that has to do with coffee. The site offers other curated collections covering original topics, such as the notion of being lost, and lets you discover new art using cool search filters like "bachelor pad" and "country home," depending on your type of digs.

Noel Michele Stay Photographic Print, $85-$275, available at UGallery.

Photo: Courtesy of UGallery/Noel Michele
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Mark Elverson Smoke 11 Photographic Print, $150-$550, available at UGallery.

Photo: Courtesy of UGallery/Mark Elverson
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Karen Bruckner Minions Monoprint, $275, available at UGallery.

Photo: Courtesy of UGallery/Karen Bruckner