10 Local Workouts That Are Anything But Snoozy

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on August 21.]
If eating were a sport, S.F. would be the champ. Seriously, how did the Olympics miss that one? With fantastic food everywhere we look, it’s hard not to pig out — err, practice — on the regular. But as we prepare to strip down for our much-anticipated Indian Summer, it’s time to get to work toning up those problem areas.
And since working out at the gym can be a major drag, we’ve done the legwork to bring you 10 of San Francisco's coolest workouts that will have you winning while you’re losing. From a badass night of hip-hop dancing to a kick-butt boxing class, our bodies have crunched, stretched, popped, and locked and—wait for it—we actually had fun. If you don't believe us, just get to clickin'! (P.S. That doesn't count as an exercise.)
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Kerri Kelly Yoga
There is something about Kerri Kelly that just makes everyone who takes her class develop a major girl crush. It’s probably her playful, can-do attitude that helps push yogis deeper into their poses and infinite selves. While most yoga classes are great for toning and stretching, hers will have you dropping the lbs in no time when you see just how much you sweat out — we’re talking dripping wet. You can find her bopping between the Yoga Tree (Castro and Stanyan locations) and OMpower.

Price: Yoga Tree, 3 classes for $20 (introductory rate), drop-in class for $18 ($16 with student ID), and a month unlimited for $190. OMpower, drop-in class for $20 ($16 Monday through Friday, before 4:00 p.m.) and 5 classes for $85.

Kerri Kelly, Yoga Tree Castro, 97 Collingwood Street (between 17th and 18th streets); 415-701-9642. Yoga Tree Stanyan, 780 Stanyan Street (between Waller and Beulah streets); 415-387-4707. OMpower, 66 Townsend Street (between Embarcadero and Colin P. Kelly Jr. streets); 415-543-7697.

Photo: Courtesy of Kerri Kelly Yoga
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Pop Physique
Want to get that butt in check? Well, look no further than Pop Physique. The one-hour class incorporates ballet, Pilates, and weights to work wonders not only for your waistline, but for every inch of your bod. Started by a former ballerina in Silver Lake, the operation has expanded to 13 studios, including a new one in Russian Hill. Like its S.F. clientele, the concept is stylish, sexy, and smart. It even offers a new mom’s special. Now really, what else can you ask for?

Price: Drop-in class for $20, month unlimited for $100 (introductory rate), and 5 classes for $95.

Pop Physique, 2424 Polk Street (between Union and Filbert streets); 415-776-4678.

Photo: Courtesy of Pop Physique
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Rhythm And Motion, ODC Dance Commons
We love dancing to get our fitness fill! Ask any old-school S.F. dance junkie about the best workout to get your groove on and they will point you to Rhythm And Motion. This high-energy dance class is packed with nods to world dance, hip-hop, and jazz and is set to your favorite R&B, dance, hip-hop or Reggaeton tunes. For a real treat, go to Peter Rothblatt’s class. The choreography is taught in sets and the key here is to unleash your creative spirit and have fun, no matter if you miss a step or two. Whenever in doubt, drop it like it’s hot.

Price: Drop-in class for $14 and 8 classes for $84.

ODC Dance Commons, 3153 17th Street (between Shotwell Street and Van Ness Avenue); 415-863-9834.

Photo: Courtesy of ODC Dance Commons
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Total Body Burn
With the combination of Pilates, cardio, foot, bar, and mat exercises, Burn uses circuit training to engage your muscles and your mind around a well-balanced fitness routine. Its unique combination is designed to burn calories, increase metabolism, and create long, lean lines in no time. With three locations around the city and loads of morning, lunch, and evening classes, there is no excuse not to visit the studio on the regular. Time to turn up the heat and burn baby!

Price: Drop-in class for $19, 5 classes for $90, and a month unlimited for $100 (introductory rate).

Burn, 1043 Valencia Street (between 21st and Hill streets); 415-829-3331. 637 Irving Street (between 7th and 8th avenues); 415-665-5608. 1463 Broadway Street (between Jones and Taylor streets); 415-345-8355.

Photo: Courtesy of Burn
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Monday Night Beginner’s Hip-Hop with Allan Frias
Allan Frias is an S.F dance legend. The former So You Think You Can Dance star’s hip-hop class is everything we look for in a workout. And it doesn’t feel like you’re working out. Score! Each Monday, a new dance is learned to a hotter-than-hot remix that will have you channeling Beyoncé in no time. The choreography can be tough but Frias goes through it endlessly to get everyone on the same page. He even emails you the song after class so you can perfect the routine at home. Genius.

Price: Drop-in class for $13 and 10 classes for $100.

Dance Mission Theater, 3316 24th Street (between Valencia and Mission streets); 415-826-4441.

Photo: Courtesy of Dance Mission Theatre
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Pilates ProWorks
With super-hip locations in the Marina and Financial District, this full-body cardio, stretch, and tone workout sets you up on a fully rigged reformer machine. It springs and slides you to create ultimate resistance from the top of your shoulders all the way down to your ankles. Not for the faint of heart, this balancing act will bring your body to its absolute limits activating nooks and crannies you didn’t even know existed. When it’s this challenging, you know it works.

Price: Drop-in class for $35 ($20 for first class) and 5 classes for $150.

Pilates ProWorks, 2238 Union Street (between Fillmore and Steiner streets); 415-913-7717. 563 Commercial Street (between Leidesdorff and Montgomery streets); 415-795-1893.

Photo: Courtesy of Pilates ProWorks
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TRX Training
It’s time to get suspended, literally. TRX's signature suspension training was born in the Navy and focuses on an intense regiment using your own body weight to enhance your core, build strength, and lengthen your muscles. Add TRX Body Blast to your week or get in tip-top shape fast using the TRX Team boot camp and you’ll be looking damn good in six short weeks.

Price: 3 classes for $45 (introductory rate), day pass for $25, 5 classes for $110, TRX Team boot camp (6 weeks, 2 times a week) for $200.

TRX, 1650 Pacific Avenue (between Van Ness Avenue and Polk Street); 415-655-4797.

Photo: Courtesy of TRX
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Beats For Lunch, Monarch
We have the brilliant people behind Beats For Lunch (formerly Recess) to thank for not dressing up in workout gear and taking over a dance floor in SoMa. The monthly Wednesday lunchtime dance party is billed as a way to let off some steam in the middle of your workweek. If that doesn’t do it, how about free sandwiches and booze? Your boss will totally understand … a healthy employee equals a happy employee, right? Note the next dance party is Wednesday, September 12, noon to 2 p.m.

Price: Free

Monarch, 101 6th Street (on the corner of Mission Street); 415-284-9774.

Photo: Courtesy of Monarch
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The Dailey Method
This ballet-bar/Pilates/yoga/strength-building class is the perfect concoction of health and wellness that has women all over the city obsessed — and with good reason! The bright and cheery studio is lined with a bar and devotes 60 minutes to working your core in ways you never thought possible. The class consists of stretching and holding poses (um, shaking over here!) to tighten and tone while enjoying energizing music. Class reservation is required; sign us up, please!

Price: Drop-in class, $22; a month unlimited is $100 (introductory rate).

The Dailey Method, 121 Spear Street (between Howard and Mission streets); 415-882-7404. 2399 Greenwich Street (between Steiner and Pierce streets); 415-345-9992. 1853 Market Street (between Guerrero and Laguna streets); 415-431-4700.

Photo: Courtesy of The Dailey Method
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The Park Gym’s Adult Boxing
Set in an open, airy boxing gym owned by world-renowned fighting champion David Park, this class will activate your inner and outer strength. It will leave you walking away feeling that there is absolutely nothing you can't accomplish. Your heart rate goes up as you loop through cardio followed by some bad-ass boxing exercises that double as excellent self-defense. Outfitted with hand wraps and boxing gloves, this is no fluffy kickboxing class, so step up lightweights, and let’s see what you’ve got.

Price: Drop-in class for $25 (first class is buy one get one free) and 10 classes for $170.

The Park Gym, 1960 Harrison Street (between 16th and 17th streets); 415-932-6714.