Score Big-Screen Style From Our Top 6 Iconic Fashion Flicks

When you want to bust out the Kleenex, The English Patient always does the trick, and when you need to just laugh about life, What About Bob? comes in clutch — but, when you're in the mood for some sartorial inspiration, the silver-screen solution doesn't come to mind quite as easily, does it? There's definitely a slew of titles out there that capture winning style on film — it's just about knowing which movies are actually worthwhile!
This is exactly why we're bringing you a stellar double feature: We've spanned six decades for the most iconic flicks with a fashionable bent, plus we've scoured the web to design a matching look inspired by each top pick. From Blow Up (for some swinging '60s style) to that green-with-envy moment you know so well from Great Expectations, these scenes should surely inspire you to put on a show!