10 Canvas Bags Worthy Of SO Much More Than Just Grocery Shopping

Canvas bags usually present one very real problem: You know there are about a baker's dozen hiding in your apartment somewhere, but every time you actually need one (like at the Whole Foods' check-out line), they're nowhere to be found. While we're keen on skipping the plastic as much as possible, canvas shoppers actually have a life far beyond functioning as a carrier for our kale — and we've got the proof.
The simple, rugged fabric is getting all dressed up for fall, which has resulted in a selection of canvas bags that we would be proud to tote to work, on a date, and even to Fashion Week (yes, embrace the high-low mix). Save the suede and leather for another day — this fall's coolest canvas totes are ones you'll never leave sitting around at home.
Check out the slides for some of the best selects you'll want to bag right now.