Pretty Little Writers: 7 Must-Read Beauty Blogs

The web is a crowded place, and sometimes it's hard to find the sites that are truly worth the valuable real estate on your favorites bar. While almost any beauty lover can write down their personal opinions of the ever-new products flooding the market, in our minds, a truly great beauty blog needs to have (at minimum): a great concept, beautiful website design, solid writing, and well-executed photography and video. Most importantly, they should actually be, you know, interesting to read.
We've combed through our fair share of sites devoted to all things pretty, but there are seven that really stand out for their pure excellence. Each of these standout sites is full of personality and offers content that can be appreciated by natural ladies and makeup mavens alike. These blogs are so downright entertaining that we could browse them for hours.
Here, our list of the sites that we think should be required reading for every beauty buff.
Which one of these could be your next must-read?