Sunglasses Stalking: We Snapped Summer's Best Shades On 24 Real NYers

Let's try some pop-culture word association: Top Gun? Aviators. Risky Business? Wayfarers. Cruise proves it time and time again: a great pair of sunglasses makes all the difference!
Now sure, times have changed since 1983 — the Cold War's over and Ray-Ban is just one fish in a sea of wayfarers — but sunnies are still, without a doubt, the go-to accessory for box-office smashing outfits. Want proof? Check out our first NYC edition of shade-stalking (sorry left coast, we know how to rock 'em better than you). Yep, we got in the faces of friendly sidewalk passersby to get a close-up look at their summertime specs. Sure enough we could really, erm, see ourselves in them. You, too?
Click through for 24 sick pairs of sunglasses straight from the NYC streets.