26 Hangover Antidotes Every Party Girl Should Know Now!

Last night's rager was rip-roarin' fun! But, maybe it wasn't exactly the wisest idea to guzzle champers, tequila (to-kill-ya), and who-knows-how-many brewskies. Hell hath no fury like your body ... the morning after a mix of lethal libations.
While there's no hangover cure quite like a solid night of sleep (if only they could bottle that!), instead of going all agoraphobe in bed, why don't you try this lineup of pain-easing cure-alls to transport you from the depths of hell? From the best B12 shots in town to our fave all-natural pills, consider these your Band-Aids for over-boozing. And hey, don't beat yourself up — it's not like you woke up with Mike Tyson's tattoo on your face!
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Take A Whiff
Throw this vial of aromatherapy in your purse pre-work and apply throughout the day to purge toxins, cure water retention, and nix the nausea. It does double duty to drown out the reek of alcohol with its sweet-smelling (and soothing) combo of lavender, juniper, geranium, and cardamom-seed oils.
21 Drops 04 Hangover Essential Oil, $29, available at Sephora.

Chew On This
The days of Pepto-Bismol guzzling are — thank goodness — over at last! These cherry chewables are the perfect answer to any aftermath going on in your belly (or to your equilibrium).
Nauzene Upset Stomach Relief Chewable Tabs, $6.95, available at Soap.

Flush It
These best-selling capsules go straight to the colon, where toxins throw their own party after a debaucherous eve. Use them to bounce back the morning after or to kick off a 10-day detox (highly recommended). Just remember to pound lots of agua!
The Organic Pharmacy Detox Capsules, $53.95, available at The Organic Pharmacy.

Splash on a heavy helping of freezing-cold water with this cure-all cleanser, and ta-da! We love how thoroughly the product alleviates any ugly remnants of yesterday's mascara and insta-plumps up a pallid face.
Natura Bissé The Cure All-In-One Cleanser, $57, available at Natura Bisse.
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Shoot Up Some B12
You'll be super thankful for this address-book addition! Armed with an arsenal of B12, B Complex, Vitamin C, and Folic Acid, Amy Shabani is on every major power player's speed dial. She and her liquid-vitamin cabinet will seriously take your revival to next-level status — you may even feel better than before you took that first sip!
Earth Medical Clinic at Stript Wax Bar, 8218 West 3rd Street (near South Crescent Heights Boulevard); 310-650-0129.

Go Extreme
Sure, people joke about "checking themselves in" somewhere after feeling the next-day burn, but it can be serious business. Sometimes, you just need to set your mind right and make sure your health (mental or otherwise) takes top priority. The Ashram is a seven-day retreat from stress and stimulants. You'll hike over 70 miles and surely gain clarity on any situation.
The Ashram, 2025 Mckain Street (near Mulholland Highway), Calabasas Highlands; 818-222-6900.

Om Your Way Out Of It
Any yogi will tout the reparative effects of deep breaths plus a good stretch. But, we suggest you breathe new life into your bod and spirit at this Main Street spot. The instructors are truly the best in the biz.
Yogaworks, 2215 Main Street (near Pacific Street), Santa Monica; 310-272-5641.

Put The Pedal To The Metal
We know it seems insane to spin when your head is doing just that, but have you ever had one of those life-altering hangover workouts? Trust, it does exist, and we've found it on a bike in WeHo! Perhaps it's just the mind's ability to feed off of a room full of revved-up energy, but the higher you boost the MPH here, the more renewed you'll feel.
SoulCycle, 8570 West Sunset Boulevard (near Alta Loma Road), West Hollywood; 310-657-7685.

Take A Shot
Yup, you read that right! (This isn't a hair-of-the-dog handbook of that kind, though). At this organic store you can get a "Face Melter" shot, which has oregano, oil, ginger, and cayenne that will kick toxins right to the curb (tears and sweat have been known to escape, too).
Naturewell, 3824 West Sunset Boulevard (At Santa Monica Boulevard); 323-664-5894.

Photos (clockwise from top left): Via Stript Wax Bar, The Ashram, Yogaworks, SoulCycle
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Show Some Gratitude
We know "thank you" are the last words that come to mind when you feel like you've been hit by multiple buses, but you'll still be grateful for the gourmet gluten-free grub at this healthy cafe. Sometimes the only cure comes straight from the earth, right?
Cafe Gratitude, 639 North Larchmont Boulevard (near Melrose Avenue); 323-580-6383.

Get Your Grease On
After a big bender, we've been tempted to order one of everything on the menu inside this old-school Amtrak train! Wash down some spicy chili fries with a tall glass of lemonade, and make sure your bed isn't too far — these are definite nap-time noshes!
Carney’s, 8351 Sunset Boulevard (near North Kings Road); 323-654-8300.

Diner And Dash
This classic (and cinematically famed) throwback's eats never disappoint. Swingers would make our prevention list, too, since it stays open until 4 a.m. daily (now that's an after-party)!
Swingers, 8020 Beverly Boulevard (near South Crescent Heights Boulevard); 323-653-5858.

Throw A Food Fiesta
El Coyote's enchiladas make us smile in any kind of crisis. Plus, the dark interiors are easy on the eyes. Just don't let any bad influences sweet talk you into any tequila!
El Coyote, 7312 Beverly Boulevard (at North Martel Avenue); 323-939-2255.

Photos (clockwise from top left): Via Cafe Gratitude, Carney's, Swingers, El Coyote
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Pop A Strong Pain Reliever
Delicate on your tummy, yet packed with acetaminophen, these little saviors put Advil (and your satanic headache) to shame. To be kind (and cautious) with your liver, it's muy importante to wait until your body has fully flushed the alcohol from your system, though. Otherwise, some good old-fashioned Advil does the trick!
Help I Have A Headache, $2.61, available at Soap.

Mask Yourself
Sure, it may be a little placebo, but there's something about applying a mask that washes away the previous night's sins. We love to put Renée Rouleau's rendition in the fridge first for a cooling, super-hydrating effect.
Renée Rouleau Bio Calm Repair Masque, $49.50, available at Renée Rouleau.

Whip Out Your First Aid Kit
It's not just your throat that gets parched when you hit the bottle hard — your skin can get Saharan-style dry. This repair cream acts like an oasis for scaly skin, seeping non-greasy goodness into every pore.
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, $12, available Sephora.

Get Your Eye On The Prize
This product is like a strong cup of Joe for your eyes! It's literally packed with caffeine to perk up those peepers, and of all the options out there, this coolant does the de-puffing trick best.
Kiehl's Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer, $20, available at Kiehl's.

Hide The Signs
We all know that looking your best can pull a Jedi mind trick and have you feeling like a million bucks, too. Jouer's magic stick will give you a supermodel faux-glow even if you'd rather put a bag over your head!
Jouer Age Repairing Brightener, $32, available at Nordstrom.
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Get More B12
If you couldn't tell from our other snippet, we swear by these injectable remedies. They basically wake you up, and get the blood flowing faster than anything else we've tried (the shots work so quickly that you can sometimes instantly taste the vitamins in your mouth). We alternate between Amy at Earth Medical and Azita here, depending on who'll let us swoop in the soonest!
Argyle Salon and Spa, 8358 Sunset Boulevard (near North Kings Road); 310-623-9000.

Schedule Spa Time
Named an "uber-spa" by Los Angeles mag, this retreat's menu reads like a Danielle Steel novel! There's complex remedies like a Nefertiti Neck Lift, but we're fans of Blue's regular O2 facial (especially if we need to get ready for round two!).
Blue Medi Spa, 14622 Ventura Boulevard (at Van Nuys Boulevard); 818-783-3600.

Get Back Into The Groove
If your heels aren't aching from cutting a rug the night before, get the endorphins flowing again by dancing your pants off! This Silver Lake place is so popular that we have friends who travel from Malibu to get there — especially to hit up Ryan Heffington's Sweaty Sundays.
The Sweat Spot, 3327 Sunset Boulevard (near Micheltorena Street); 323-953-8089.

Heal The Wounds
Founded by a Reiki Master and MD husband-wife duo, this zen den's name means "repair the world." Don't you feel better already? Seriously, though, the mix of medical knowledge and spiritual-healing practices are about as therapeutic as it gets. The separate Hwangto Clay, Jade, Salt, and Ice Rooms all have built-in technologies that blend East and West (think infrared rays and charcoal ceilings).
Tikkun Holistic Spa, 1460 4th Street (At Santa Monica Boulevard); 310-319-1111.

Photos (clockwise from top left): Via Argyle Salon and Spa, Blue Medi Spa, The Sweat Spot, Tikkun Holistic Spa
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Freshen Up
This organic-only outpost does a body good! Everything's super yummy, so you can trick your tongue while getting much-needed nutrients. We're currently digging the Fusion Rolls: spicy black beans, daikon sprouts, carrot, and red bell peppers with a dash of lime tamari, all wrapped in a wheat tortilla.
Flore Vegan Cuisine, 3818 West Sunset Boulevard (near Hyperion Avenue); 323-953-0611.

Go Macrobiotic
Oriental medicine informs every bite at this celeb-infested Melrose hot spot. Better use the aforementioned products before munching on the delish Big Macro veggie burger, just in case fan Jake Gyllenhaal shows up (when in doubt, just hide behind a cute pair of sunnies)!
M Café, 7119 Melrose Avenue (near La Brea Avenue); 323-525-0588.

Get Some Liquid Courage
This Beverly Hills juice joint gets every nourishing ingredient from the Santa Monica Farmers' Market. If you've gone so overboard that you're afraid of a next-day DUI, they'll deliver, too!
The Kreation Juicery, 9465 Charleville Boulevard (at South Beverly Drive); 310-247-8110.

Brunch It Up
Ask for your stack of pancakes to be drenched in bacon-enriched caramel sauce and soak up the pleasure of one of the best brunches in L.A.'s healing benefits. An added post-bodily harm perk? All of the meat you'll eat is hormone-free, and mostly everything else is organic and sourced from local farms.
Square One Dining, 4854 Fountain Avenue (near North Vermont Avenue); 323-661-1109.

Photos (clockwise from top left): Via Flore Vegan, M Café, Kreation Juicery, Square One Dining