17 On-Sale Swimsuit Steals For Beach (& Bank-Account) Bliss!

We've wanted to go skinny-dipping for all the right reasons this summer (may we suggest popping on R.E.M.'s "Nightswimming" pre-plunge?), but catching a glimpse of the astronomical price tags on bikinis has been extra incentive to just go nude! Sheesh, we've seen wedding dresses cheaper this season. And here in SoCal, a girl goes through bathing suits like water with all of our chlorinated bashes and sandy BBQs. But who wants to wade in a pool of debt just to sit pretty with a 'tini at Paradise Cove or chicken fight with pals at the Sunset Marquis?
Luckily, so that your wallet doesn't have to take a swan dive, we've found 17 steals on slick swimwear — that may even allow you to snag more than one option! Although, hey, we still won't blame you if you feel like shedding those skivvies from time to time.