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10 S.F. Ice-Cream Scoops To Try Now!

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    [UPDATE: This story was originally published on July 12.]

    Sure, we might not be able to revel in sweltering beach days, short shorts, and other typical summer fun in this chilly city by the Bay. But there is one seasonal must that we are not about to give up — um, ice cream, of course!

    And boy are we in luck. Thanks to our town serving as king of innovative cuisine (seriously, is there any competition?), it's natural that our S.F. chefs don't skimp when it comes to amazing gelato creations. Don't know which imaginative ice-cream flavor to try first? Well, we're helping you navigate these epically tasty waters with this handy list of 10 must-try scoops. From our hands-down fave (hello Three Twins lemon cookie!) to adult-friendly options laced with booze, there's something for every palate out there. Trust us, you want to taste these now…even if you're donning a bubble coat while doing so.

    Photographed by Anna-Alexia Basile

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